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Shadow of Israphel Part 14: The Tale of the Sands

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Shadow of Israphel Part 14: The Tale of the Sands
Season 3, Episode 14
Posted Mar 3, 2011
Characters Xephos (Lewis), Honeydew (Simon), Templar Adaephon
Channel BlueXephos
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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 14: The Tale of the Sands is the fourteenth episode of Season 3. It was uploaded March 3, 2011.

Plot & SummaryEdit

The heroes rush to Verigan's Hold in search of Knight Peculier. Upon arrival, they marvel at the impressive architecture for a moment, before meeting Templar Adaephon. Adaephon welcomes them and immediately leads them upstairs, where he gives them their first glimpse of the Desert. He explains that the sand is a disease spreading over the land, which greatly distresses Simon, and that the only thing keeping it from getting out of control is the massive wall which Peculier has gone off to mend. Adaephon gives the pair instructions on how to get to where Peculier is, saying they should see him before anything else. He also suggests they familiarize themselves with the history of the region in the castle archives.

Upon arriving at the archives, Simon and Lewis discover a "big wall of text," which spells out the titular Tale of the Sands. At this point, the episode goes into a very detailed cut scene, which lasts for most of the remainder of the episode. Simon reads out the story, which explains that 100 years ago there was a mysterious neverending summer, causing the Minecraftian people and animals alike to suffer and die. In attempt to fight back, the people of Minecraftia built the wall to stop the spread of the desert. However, an ancient evil arose which threatened to destroy all they held deal. Verigan and Karpath Antioch killed the evil, which resulted in Verigan's death and Karpath's serious injury. Karpath went on to found the Crimson Cross and establish the Templars to prepare in the event the evil ever rose again. Mysteriously, less than a month later, Karpath vanished without a trace.

The cut scene ends, and Simon and Lewis begin speculating about the age of some of the characters in it, in particular Granny Bacon and Fumblemore. Pondering at the apparent extreme age of these characters, they head out along the wall to continue their search for Knight Peculier.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  Honeydew, Xephos,  Templar Adaephon

Cutscene Flashback: (All Characters appearing as much younger - cut scene details events 100 years previous)

   Granny Bacon,  Fumblemore,  Knight Peculier, Verigan,  Karpath,   Pirate Tinman


Minecraft - 09:30

Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 14 The Tale of the Sands

Memorable Quotes (Please don't reproduce the entire dialogue)Edit

"He is Professor Grizwald. I've run out of voices."


"Ooh, a big wall of text, how very interesting for our viewers!"


"Woah. Now that was really weird, Lewis, that was really strange. As I read out that story, I had this epic cut scene go through my mind."


"I'm beginning to get the feeling that Old Peculier is one of the youngest characters in this."


"" That means that Granny Bacon was at least 160!"

"Lewis, we're going to save the world"

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