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Shadow of Israphel Part 15: The Battle of the Breach

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Shadow of Israphel Part 15: The Battle of the Breach
Season 3, Episode 15
Posted Mar 5, 2011
Characters Xephos (Lewis), Honeydew (Simon), Knight Peculier, Israphel, Zombie Boss, Creeper Boss,
Channel BlueXephos
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The Tale of the Sands
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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 15: The Battle of the Breach is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 of the Minecraft series. It was uploaded March 5, 2011.

Plot & SummaryEdit

The video opens with the heroes rushing off to the breach in The Wall that Knight Peculier is mending. As they approach the scene, Xephos spots their friend on top of a nearby tower, surrounded by what Honeydew describes as "a lot of mobs."

Arriving at the base of the tower, the duo see no less than 5 spiders surrounding the structure and can hear zombies somewhere nearby. As Lewis asks Peculier, who is moaning in pain, if he is all right he is attacked by an unseen assailant and knocked backward a few blocks. Seconds later Simon exclaims in surprise "Oh my god, look!" and Israphel is revealed to be lurking nearby with his bow and arrow and some minions. Notably, this is the first time Israphel has appeared in Season 3 except for the few seconds when his nameplate is visible at Skull Pass. It is also the first time in the entire series the viewers get a good look at him, as in every encounter in the past he was either obscured by darkness or running the opposite direction.

As the heroes fret about how to deal with this sudden turn of events, Lewis takes out his own bow and begins returning fire, managing to hit Israphel at least once. Before more damage can be done, however, a minion of Israphel called Creeper Boss blows another hole in the wall separating Minecraftia from the Desert. At this point the two decide to take an offensive approach, Simon declaring "Just kill something, anything!" Lewis kills both Zombie Boss and Creeper Boss with his diamond sword and begins chasing after Israphel, even getting within a few blocks of him. He quickly falls behind, however, his inferior knowledge of the geography of the area causing him to get stuck behind sand piles and fall into small holes, slowing his progress.

With Israphel in retreat, the pair decide to give up the chase for now and head back to Knight Peculier. Worrying about his health, Simon and Lewis break into the tower to get to him, destroying not one but two zombie spawners in the process. Initially there is some worry that he may have been turned, like Granny Bacon, as he has been making "zombie noises" since they located him. However it is revealed that he was seriously wounded by skeletons while trying to mend the wall and took shelter in the tower. Lewis provides him with enough food to restore his health, and the three of them rush to finish repairing the wall.

Before significant headway is made on the project, Israphel and his forces return and begin massing for another attack. With the sun setting and hostile mobs spawning right and left on top of the threat posed by Israphel, the trio of heroes take shelter in the supply closet, where Simon and Lewis tell Knight Peculier what they have learned since they last saw him.

Peculier is saddened by the news of Granny Bacon's death, and offers consolation to Honeydew because he knew they were close. He is also worried by the news that Reverend John rose again, before being killed by Simon and Lewis (again), saying "I did not think anything was capable of such work." They also give him the piece of paper the took off John after killing him, and he exclaims in surprise that it is a map fragment, though he cannot tell where it leads. Peculier also makes a cryptic comment that the writing on the map seems familiar and they should show it to his uncle, Adaephon.

Simon and Lewis are initially hesitant to tell Peculier about the prophecies they received from Madame Nubescu, but do eventually tell him. He is mildly interested in the prospect of bacon in Honeydew's future, and has no insight to offer on Xephos' prophecy about meeting a man in blue and a man in red. Upon hearing the prophecy that his own family hides dark secrets, he reacts surprisingly calmly, stating that he already knew that and even wondering which secrets the prophecy refers to.

Notably absent from this episode is Skylord Lysander, who is allegedly a servant of Israphel and has shown himself to be skilled in combat. This is because of the fact he both not a member of the Cult, and because he is otherwise occupied.

Possible ConnectionsEdit

Much speculation about connections between characters and elements of previous episodes sprung up among Yognau(gh)ts after the release of this episode and the few preceding it, notably in the comments section of its YouTube page. Among some of the most popular theories are:

  • Israphel is actually Knight Peculier's father, due to the fact that Nubescu said his father is not who he says he is. This is not correct, unless the theory that Karpath is Israphel is correct.
  • Karpath Antioch is Knight Peculier's father, due to the fact that the note found in Episode 9 was signed K. Peculier. This is correct
  • Skylord Lysander is actually a good guy and was kidnapped by Skylord Jasper, who is actually a bad guy. This theory is based on the prophecy Xephos received. The first section is true, the last does not appear to be. Lysander was found to be captured by Jasper, but not because Jasper is evil.
  • Granny Bacon is (somehow) not actually dead.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  Honeydew, Xephos,  Knight Peculier

Cult of Israphel:

  Israphel,  Zombie Boss,  Creeper Boss


Minecraft - 19:49

Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 15 The Battle of the Breach

Memorable Quotes (Please don't reproduce the entire dialogue)Edit

“We're not retreating, we're advancing in a different direction!”


“Hey Lewis....I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole! I'm digging a hole!”


“Um...well, there's some bad news...and some more bad news.”


“A map? I really wish I'd pay more attention in school... I couldn't tell it was a map, it was just squiggles. Didn't make any sense to me.”

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