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Shadow of Israphel Part 30: Ghost in the Shell

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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 30: Ghost in the Shell
Season 3, Episode 30
Posted July 29th, 2011
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Skylord Lysander
Channel BlueXephos
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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 30: Ghost in the Shell is the 30th episode of season 3. This episode was uploaded on July, 29th 2011. In the description of the video stands: Our heroes must complete Skylord Baako's final challenge and discover the secret of Skyhold! The secret other than that guy who murdered everyone, we uncovered that last week.

Plot & SummaryEdit

Having killed Skylord Vitali (who was responsible for the deaths of many of the Skylords), Honeydew, Xephos and Skylord Lysander ponder over what Vitali meant by the "True Power of the Skyhold". Reading the text on the record that Vitali dropped upon his death, Skylord Lysander tells the heroes that they still need to finish the final trial of the Skylords, and that afterwards they must meet him in the control room. As it is still nighttime, the heroes decide to wait until morning before attempting the challenge.

The next day, the heroes find the final trial of the Skyhold - the Trial of Life (and Death). In the preparation area, the heroes find some bone meal and saplings, and guess that they will need to use them to get to the final elemental reward chest. After working their way past a mob spawner, they find themselves in a large, dark room filled with dirt, mossy cobblestone and cobwebs. When Xephos places some torches, they are able to use the saplings and bone meal to build a bridge of trees over to the reward chest. Inside this they find the final reward: some logs and leaves arranged so as to resemble a tree. The heroes quickly make their way back out of the trial, fighting off the spiders which had spawned behind them.

Xephos and Honeydew find Lysander on the top of the central spire of the Skyhold. At the very summit, Lysander shows the heroes four wooden blocks and tells them that they must break through them using only the rewards from the chests at the end of the trials. They realize that they must arrange the netherrack, leaves, snow and fire on the wooden blocks, and upon doing so the fire burns through them. Hidden underneath the wood was the entrance to the control room for the Skyhold. Lysander gives the heroes their complimentary goggles and jumps down, the heroes following suit. Lysander puts the record in to the controls and is shocked to realize that the Skyhold has a propulsion system, and that it can actually move! He realizes that this is what Vitali meant by the true power of the Skyhold, and thanks the heroes for stopping this power from getting into Israphel's hands. Honeydew, meanwhile, has discovered a chest with some broken televisions in, which he realizes are, in reality, texture-packed pumpkins. Remembering that Skylord Baako told the heroes to "use their heads", he decides to put one on his head, and is surprised to see an electronic screen with the phrase, "IT'S TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN", written in it. He shows Xephos, who remembers the Turtle God they had seen previously near the ice trial. Lysander bids his farewell to the heroes, vowing to fight with them at the final battle. They hurriedly go to the ice trial, using a bucket of water from the fire trial to descend to to the turtle below.

They walk over the ice towards the turtle island, and realize that its mouth is the entrance. Inside, the turtle is full of mossy cobblestone, and is partially flooded. Following the televisions around the outside, the heroes are overjoyed to find a chest containing the third map fragment. Outside the turtle, Lysander has appeared, having realized that he forget to give the heroes their planes to leave the Skyhold. They bid an emotional farewell to Lysander, and start their journey south to Stoneholm.


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