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Shadow of Israphel Part 38: The Hand

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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 38: The Hand
Season 3, Episode 38
Posted April 15, 2012
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Knight Peculier, Templar Enoch, Professor Grizwold, Scribe Anno, Templar Kesha, Israphel
Channel BlueXephos
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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 38: The Hand is the thirty-eighth episode of Season 3. It was uploaded on April 15, 2012. The video description reads: With time running out, the heroes enter the desert to seek out the secrets hidden in the Templar's map. With the wall shattered and the bastions of Verigan's Hold and Lastwatch buried in sand, time is of the essence and the world must be saved!

Plot and SummaryEdit

After obtaining the 2 maps showing the heroes to go into The Desert to a large hand, they make their way past a broken section of The Wall. A minute or so after crossing the sweltering sands of The Desert, the two heroes, along with Knight Peculier discover The Hand they had previously seen on their map. They dig around it, trying to discover an entrance. After Knight Peculier finds it, they make their way in. Forgetting the search for the treasure.

Immediately inside, they discover the first day of diary of Templar Enoch. On the first day, Enoch writes that his studies of the sand have lead him to The Hand, and his wonders why so much sand appears around it. A very old cutscene appears, showing him, another Templar known as Templar Kesha, another character known as Scribe Anno, and Professor Grizwold with a tent next to the large Hand. Enoch then notes that he doesn't believe Grizwold's theory of a giant robot army in The Desert, and that he must find out the answer of the sand appearing, or else he thinks Lastwatch Hold will be buried in it, which it was a long time later.

The heroes then find day 2 of the diary. Enoch describes that they are finding more and more parts of The Hand as they dig away the sand, and the cutscene shows up again, this time showing the 4 digging up sand. He then says the Grizwold has another theory that the metal is coming back. Enoch then makes another correct hypothesis, wondering if the sand will spread and make the whole world a desert.

Traveling down a corridor, the heroes venture down deeper and discover the third day of Enoch's diary, which is much shorter than the previous 2 days. On this day, he wrote that he had a disturbing dream the night before where he dreamed that the sand can affect people, and reminds himself to wear gloves.

They travel down a hallway, and this time, find Grizwold's Personal Log. Simon then says he has forgotten how to do Professor Grizwold's voice, but then immediately says he was joking. Grizwold says everything Enoch is saying is wrong, claiming that he is obsessed with The Desert's sands. Then Grizwold writes that he made his way back up to the surface and noticed The Hand was regrowing, noting that he could see fingers, and a fast-motion cutscene of the hand regrowing comes on the screen. He then says that if Enoch will not believe him, then he will leave him.

The heroes climb down a ladder, even deeper down, into a very dusty room full of cobwebs, finding the next part of Enoch's diary. He tells that Grizwold finally left, due to not being convinced about his stories of The Hand. Yet another cutscene appears, showing Enoch placing his diary pages on the wall. Then Enoch says that he has many supplies, but always finds his canteen empty, and worries that the sand is actually affecting him, just like he thought in his dream. Even though he is starting to get nervous, Enoch still wants to find out what The Hand's secret is.

Xephos and Honeydew notice that Knight Peculier hadn't said a single word since they had gone into The Hand, and so Xephos asks him if he is okay. He replies back saying he's fine, but a little scared. The heroes head down a path and are attacked by a few zombies, but claim that a creeper would have been worse. They find yet another part of the diary, along with a brewing stand, cauldron, and chest. On day 5, Enoch describes hearing noises all around, and says it was silent before, also noting that some research notes of his are missing. He also claims that he saw a pale-faced man in his sleep, the perfect description of Israphel. In the chest, Xephos finds torches, a rusty sword, and a half-broken iron shovel, and in the brewing stand, 2 potions of regeneration.

The next diary page they find says that Enoch is very low on ink and since he has enough blood, he was use that as a substitute. He also says his tools are blunt and will use his fingernails as a substitute for those. Days 6 and 7 are missing, so this is day 8. The heroes see that the next page is written entirely in Enoch's blood. He writes on it about radioactive green lava he finds, which can be seen beside the page, and also says that he now has sandstone hands.This means that his theory was correct, sand does affect people as well. Scribe Anno accidentally died by stepping in the lava.

The next part of the diary is discovered by the heroes then, with his kisses at the end getting spookier. Enoch writes a mysterious paragraph, and another cutscene appears. It shows that Enoch had gone crazy and he had killed Scribe Anno by knocking him into the radioactive lava, and murdered Templar Kesha in her sleep

On the next and final diary page, Enoch says he doesn't have his own thoughts, he thinks that Grizwold was right finally. A final cutscene appears showing Enoch bouncing back from the signs, revealing Israphel behind him. He then complains his bones are itchy somehow, and that the only solution to his problem is removal, meaning he will literally remove his own bones from his body. The cutscene ends very scratchy with Israphel leaving the hall in which the part of the diary is in. The heroes find a room next to the diary, with a bloody wall and floor, and Enoch's dead body lying on the floor, showing up as arm, leg, and bone items. Honeydew screams and vomits his steak, and Knight Peculier yells that he thinks he's going to be sick.

Xephos looks in a chest next to the body, finding a pipe and paper while Honeydew picks up the pieces of the body, claiming they're clues. He then slaps Xephos with Enoch's dead hand, while Knight Peculier says very sickly that he thinks that's disgusting. The three heroes finally discover a railway crossing a huge lake of the radioactive lava that they must ride through. After getting their mine carts set up on the track, Honeydew pushes a button and it starts the 3 minecarts all at once. After a minute or so, Knight Peculier yells that the three heroes are getting separated. Then, a very terrible tragedy happens. It turns out he was riding on a broken track, and so he fell into the green lava, and died. The text said he tried to swim in the green lava. Xephos and Honeydew had to carry on without him. Xephos wonders what to do to go on without him but Honeydew reminds that no matter what happens, they go on without him.


Minecraft - 28:02

Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 38 The Hand


  • The bloody mess on the walls are modified ore textures from the YogDoku Pack. The zombie leg and arm are modified swords, as there has been a custom items mod which is made by thevoxelbox (also found in the voxelmodpack) added to the Yogscast's server.
  • Knight Peculier did not leave the game, creating the possibility that he is not dead.

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