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Shadow of Israphel Part 39: Doppelgängers

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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 39: Doppelgängers
Season 3, Episode 39
Posted 6th July, 2012
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, The Evil Honeydews, Zombie Lalnas
Channel BlueXephos
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The Hand
Facility 4
Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 39: Dopplega̎ngers is the thirty-ninth episode of Season 3. It was uploaded July 6, 2012. The video description reads: Knight Peculier's demise has sent the heroes on a spiraling path of not knowing what the heck to do! The heroes stride blindly onward, with little to no direction. Can they escape from the giant machine that they are trapped in? Can they save Daisy, if not for Knight Peculier, then for her maidens honour?


Following the death of the heroes' greatest friend, Knight Peculier (see The Hand) in green lava, Xephos and Honeydew drink a toast to his honour in typical dwarven fashion. Once they had finished they threw their empty ale mugs on the ground and continued onwards, as Knight Peculier wanted them to if anything happened to him. They open the door to their left and delve even further into the mechanical underbelly in an attempt to find a way out. The way is littered with pressure pads and tubes containing the toxic fluid which killed Knight Peculier and Scribe Anno. Honeydew stumbles across some sort of puzzle involving levers and calls Xephos over. After a good inspection of the puzzle, the duo agree that the best way to solve it is by pressing all of the levers in a random order, which fails. Honeydew decides to unlock the door with the tried-and-true solution: explosives. He lights the TnT and blows up the door.

Continuing onwards, the heroes uncover what appears to be some sort of cloning machine, with three 'subject tubes', two of which contain 'zombified Lalnas' (likely an abominable by-product of the cloning procedure). Of course, Honeydew initially seemed intrigued by the device and jumped into the vacant test chamber, only to have second thoughts about his decision when Xephos had pulled the lever to begin the cloning process and the chamber doors close. Honeydew is encased in a substance that looks similar to ice and is unable to move, but manages to warn Xephos that there are two Honeydew clones behind him. The clones are named Evil Honeydew and are wearing wonderful pink underpants! The two clones turn around and flee from Lewis and Simon, shutting a plate-steel door behind them.

The "only way" to get through the door is to complete another puzzle, this time the puzzle involved a list of elements, Xephos and Honeydew believed that you had to select the elements present in a sustainable, life bearing planet like Minecraftia. After many attempts at the puzzle, the heroes gave up and Honeydew blew up the steel door with some TNT. Inside, they see red tinged metal, and more tubes of the toxic green liquid.

They then proceeded to chase the two Evil Honeydews until they finally caught up with one, who was trying to set off a TNT trap (in typical Honeydew style). When unsuccessful in his attempt, the clone continued running from the heroes, spawning a number of mobs behind him to hinder their pursuit. They chase him into a chamber with a huge, white structure that seems to be made of bone, with a hoard of Zombie Lalnas beneath it Xephos noticed that the clone only seemed hostile to Honeydew and not himself (likely because of the original duo's strong friendship). Honeydew then came up with the idea to lure the clone with Jaffa Cakes and then kill him. Xephos did just that by dropping some on the ground. The clone began eating the Jaffa Cakes when Lewis unsheathed his sword and Simon fired a volley of arrows at him, killing him instantly. They then explore the strange machinery around them, Xephos noting a rhythmic, slow thumping, like a heart. They discover a mine cart track deeper into the mysterious construction. The heroes take it onwards, with the goal of killing the second clone and escaping their metallic prison.

Characters AppearingEdit

Xephos, Honeydew, Evil Honeydews.



"Shadow of Israphel" Part 39 Doppelgängers

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