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Shadow of Israphel Part 42: The Oasis

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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 42: The Oasis
Season 3, Episode 42
Posted 27th July 2012
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Shiplord Hubert, Swampy Bogbeard
Channel BlueXephos
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Far From Home
Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 42: The Oasis is the 42nd episode of Season 3. It was posted on the 27th July 2012. The episode summary reads: Our heroes are searching for a healer in the desert to help their new friend Professor Webley, and they come across a familiar face who needs help at an oasis in the desert!

Plot and SummaryEdit

After stumbling upon the radioactive site, the heroes and Shiplord Hubert spot a second set of large bones protruding from the sands. When they go in for a closer inspection they are attacked by a small horde of zombified Templars and skeletons. Honeydew sits on the sidelines watching, whilst Xephos fights off the zombies with his sword and Hubert with his "cheese baguette of doom" (which is, according to Simon, harder than Mithril or diamond). The heroes observe that the bones in the desert look like that of a dragon's ribcage and wing. Carrying onwards, they stumble across a large wall, beyond which they presume is the border of the oasis they spotted on the map.

When they finally reach the main gates, they are met by their old friend Swampy Bogbeard, who is stood atop the wall. He floats down towards the trio and explains that his oasis of "plants" (possibly drugs) was completely decimated whilst he was on a "spirit journey" (also hinting towards the use of natural drugs or hallucinogenics). All that is left of the once-green oasis are just the smoldering trunks of the trees/plants that were once there. Swampy also says that some of the plants were used for healing purposes, to which Xephos questions whether they would be suitable to use of Professor Webley because of his sickly and weak state. Swampy states that "these herbs can mend almost anything" and that they would get Webley back to a fit state. The heroes accept Swampy's plan for help with breathing life back into the forests of healing plants. To do so, Swampy says that he needs to meditate whilst the trio protect him. Honeydew, Xephos and Hubert fend off the zombified Templars, skeletons and spiders whilst Swampy channeled his "healing energy" into the forest, and sure enough, after a couple of minutes of meditation, the oasis returns to its original state. The last item to regrow is Swampy's tree, which the trio see as magnificent.

Swampy returns to the heroes, who are still amazed at what they just saw. Shiplord Hubert begins to sail around in the waters of the oasis while Xephos and Honeydew talk to Swampy, the Shiplord seems rather excited as this is the first time he has come into contact with water in months. Swampy gives Xephos a pipe containing the healing herb, which Webley can smoke to get back to full health. In return, Xephos gives him a "magical mushroom" for him to keep. Hubert comes over and gives the heroes honorary Shiplord licenses, in case they are in need of the Shiplord's help. Officially making Xephos and Honeydew Honorary Shiplords.

Characters AppearingEdit

Xephos, Honeydew, Shiplord Hubert, Swampy Bogbeard



"Shadow of Israphel" Part 42 The Oasis


"Taste zis cheesy baguette of doom!" Shiplord Hubert

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