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"Shadow of Israphel" Part 4: Proper Quest
Season 3, Episode 4
Posted Jan 30, 2011
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Skylord Lysander, Mr Astley, Fumblemore, Father Braeburn, Skylord Jasper
Channel BlueXephos
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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 4: Proper Quest is the fourth episode of Season 3. It was uploaded January 30, 2011. The video description reads: The boys finally have some direction, and must seek out a secretive wizard to enlist his aid in curing the sickness that is paralysing Old Peculier.

Plot & SummaryEdit

Our heroes finish their tour of Mistral City, passing the house of the reformed Creeper, Mr. Astley, along the way. Honeydew and Xephos are intrigued by the character, whom Skylord Lysander claims is a "proud member of society." Despite this they are discouraged from entering his house. Xephos begins rummaging through the bins next to Mr. Astley's house when they hear explosions in the distance and the sound of an old man shouting "Cripes!" Father Braeburn explains that it is the work of the wizard Fumblemore and his spells. They are led to the entrance of the Sky Tower, which leads to the skywalks. As they approach they hear Skylord Jasper yelling at Fumblemore, ordering him to stop miking noise. Xephos and Honeydew notice as second painting on the walls of Mistral that foretold their previous endeavors, showing them standing before the Hellgate.

Upon attempting to climb to the top, Skylord Lysander stops them, explaining that only Skylords and their guests may continue up the stairs. Lysander explains that Old Peculier is getting sicker and weaker, and leads on to say that he suspects Peculier to have been tainted by the evil influence of Israphel during the old man's time in Terrorvale. As the sole survivor of Terrorvale, he may even be in grave danger. The Old Peculier he knew was a brave and powerful knight who had once fought alongside his father. He is a far cry from the weak, old man recovering in his house. Old Peculier seems to have aged a lot faster than he should have, being not much older than Lysander himself. Lysander makes it known that they will need his help if they are ever to defeat Israphel. He suggests the heroes appeal to the wizard, Fumblemore, for help, but they will need to create their own bridge to his tower without the help of The Celaeno.

Remains of the Yogcave in the Distance

Remains of the Yogcave in the distance?

Skylord Lysander gives Xephos and Honeydew their own temporary Skylord licenses to enable them to climb the Sky Tower and access the upper-city. Lysander fills out the paperwork and gives them their licences. On their way to Fumblemore's tower, however, they find out that there is no path to the entrance. They build they way to the tower and climb up to the top. Oddly, they find the terrible wizard on the loo. Upon exiting, they find that he is everything they never expected: deaf, slow, and seemingly inept.

After some moments of failing to have Fumblemore understand them, they finally get the chance to tell him about Old Peculier's affliction. He makes up a healing potion on the spot and sends the group on a quest for the ingredients - a bucket of water from the Pool of Life, five Dirt, some Feathers, five Sulphur, and two Golden Apples. The heroes head on their way to find these ingredients as fast as they can.


  • "Is he a reformed Creeper?" - Honeydew
    • "Yes. I wouldn't go inside." - Skylord Lysander
  • "What? Eh! Who are you? I'm on the toilet!" - Fumblemore
  • "I'm rather partial to Guinness myself." - Fumblemore

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  Honeydew, Xephos, Skylord Lysander

Other Characters:

Mr Astley, Fumblemore



"Shadow of Israphel" Part 4 Proper Quest

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