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Survival Island #11
Season 2, Episode 11
Posted 12 Jan 2011
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Old Peculier, Skylord Lysander
Featuring Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Phatima
Channel BlueXephos
Episode guide
"Survival Island" Part 10: The Curator's Lost Treasure
Season 3

"Up and away" was the eleventh and final episode of the Survival Island series, featured in Season 2. It was the only episode heavily tied to the main story of Season 1 and later Season 3, with the inclusion of Old Peculier, Skylord Lysander, and his airship, The Celaeno.


After finding the treasure, the two try their luck at Creeper Fishing. Unfortunately, the Creeper isn't interested in them very much. Honeydew, after reading the YouTube comments, says that they should make a boat to get off the Island. But before they can get to it, they notice Old Peculier is on the island with them. The mysterious boat in the sky is now on the beach, along with another man, Skylord Lysander.

The two notice that Old Peculier looks more tired and run down than the last time they saw him. After being attacked by monsters, Skylord Lysander asks them if they could give him 25 pieces of coal to start his airship. They don't have enough, so Xephos goes back to the mine to get more while Honeydew stays up on the surface with their visitors. As soon as Xephos shows up with more coal, a creeper blows up a portion of the stairs that lead up to the airship.

Old Peculier tells them that he went to Mistral City as soon as they disappeared, where he heard rumors about a dwarf and a spaceman trapped on an island. Lysander was the only skylord that would lend him an airship.

The two Heroes are told that they should only bring the essentials because the ship can't hold that many things. Old Peculier also tells them that Minecraftia is overrun with monsters and that they are needed to save Minecraftia and his love, Daisy Duke.

Once they have gotten rid of things, the four of them set off on the airship. Old Peculier says that they need to destroy the portal. This is where Season 2 ends.


Minecraft - 19:18

Minecraft - "Survival Island" Part 11 Up and away!

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