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Ørjan Aarvik, under the username Teutron, is one of the current artists for the Yogscast. Specializing in a fun cartoon style, Teutron creates various assets for the Yogscast.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Hailing from a geographically ambiguous part of Norway, Teutron travelled far to become the lead artist and lifestyle coach for the Yogscast. With quick wit and an even quicker drawing hand the look of the Yogscast is firmly held in his iron fist.


  • Teutron used to work in a post office.
  • Teutron's favourite ice cream flavour is pistachio.
  • Teutron's favourite art piece of his is a painting he did for his grandmother.
  • Teutron's favourite Pokémon is Golduck.
  • Teutron got inspired to make art by Dragon Ball.
  • Teutron is currently dating MintyMinute.




The Yogscast
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