5TOKED is a gaming discussion podcast hosted by Martyn Littlewood. In each episode, Martyn and a guest discuss five upcoming things that they are "stoked" about. It was initially supposed to be five topics coming up in the current month that they are stoked about, but it has since become extremely lenient in this regard. The guests alternate between Yogscast Network members and non-Yogscast YouTubers.

Since its' special E3 episode in June 2015, the podcast stopped being updated unexpectedly and was not mentioned again by Martyn for some time. However, he announced on February 24, 2017 through Twitter that he was planning on bringing the podcast back.[1]


  • "5TOKED" is a pun on the word "stoked" which means "excited" or "thrilled" and the number "5" which is the amount of topics that they discuss they are excited for.


Episode GuideEdit

Video Name Table yt
5TOKED Podcast #1 with Yogscast Kim Watch
5TOKED Podcast #2 with SlyFoxHound Watch
5TOKED Podcast #3 with Yogscast Sjin Watch
5TOKED Podcast #4 - E3 2015 w/ MegaGWolf Watch