A Hat in Time is a three-dimensional platform-adventure game developed by Gears for Breakfast. Built in the Unreal Engine, the game is based upon the classic three-dimensional platformers, such as Banjo-Kazooie. Within the game, the player is a Hat Kid, a time travelling collector of 'Time Pieces', exploring multiple universes collecting said objects to stop the mischievous Mustache Girl, who seeks to use them for her evil purposes.

In YogiverseEdit

Martyn Littlewood has played both the Alpha and Beta versions of the game, often praising the developers for their outstanding work. He has live streamed the game on Twitch and has uploaded other videos to both his Live! channel and regular channel.

Episode GuideEdit

YOGSCAST Zoey — A Hat in Time
Video Name Table yt
A Hat In Time (Alpha) - COLLECT ALL THE THINGS Watch
InTheLittleWood - Live! — A Hat in Time
Video Name Table yt
A Hat In Time : BETA (Part 1) Watch
A Hat In Time : BETA (Part 2) Watch
A Hat In Time : BETA (Part 3) Watch
A Hat In Time : BETA (Part 4) Watch
A Hat In Time: BETA (Part 5) Watch
YOGSCAST Martyn — A Hat in Time
Video Name Table yt
A Hat In Time - Alpha Build (Have A Gander) Watch
A Hat In Time - Murder Mystery (Special Preview!) Watch


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