Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a psychological survival horror game developed by Remedy Entertainment in February 2012 and available for PC and Xbox 360. Alan Wake's American Nightmare: Paradox follows the events after Alan Wake, the previous game, to Arizona where his words hold the key to defeating his evil twin, Mr Scratch.

In-Yogiverse Edit

Originally, after playing Alan Wake, Hannah said that she was not going to play Alan Wake's American Nightmare as apparently its was "shit"[1] and "sucks balls".[2] Hannah plays this game on April 2013, 10 months after finishing Alan Wake. It is a five part series.

Episode Guide Edit

Hannah — Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Video Name Table yt
Alan Wake`s American Nightmare: Scr#@*ch Watch
Alan Wake`s American Nightmare: Satellite Watch
Alan Wake`s American Nightmare: Spiders Watch
Alan Wake`s American Nightmare: Power Cut Watch
Alan Wake`s American Nightmare: Paradox Watch

References Edit

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  2. Alan Wake, Part 38 - Darlings

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