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Real Name Alexander Parvis
Usernames/Aliases Parv, acparvis, Parvis
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Parv, Area 11
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd, Production Assistant for Yogscast Ltd
Partner Will Strife (Linkthe1st), Tom Clarke (Sparkles*), Martyn Littlewood (InTheLittleWood)
Catchphrase "Parvy Parvy Parv Parv."
"Parvy Parvy Parv Parv."

Alex Parvis, also known as Parv, is a member of Area 11 and one of the only two band members who are partof the Yogscast. He joinedthe Yogscast as a Production Assistant. Now, he is also a YouTube Content Producer. Summary

Alex joined the Yogscast team in 2012 as a Production Assistant. Parv now spreads his own brand of chaos from his own channel, covering DOTA, Minecraft and more! Also, framed photos of himself.

ParvPlays Twitch FAQ's

Chat rules

  • No spamming - If Parv isn’t seeing your message its probably because he’s too involved in whatever he’s playing to read chat, just wait till he’s not as busy then ask.
  • No all caps - Nobody likes that.
  • No links - Shouldn’t need to explain this.
  • No talking about - LoL VS DotA, SOI

Parv FAQ

  • Can I play DotA with you?
    • Yes you can. To do so you need to join the Parv chat channel in the dota client, From here one of the mods will add you to the guild [P]. When playing with viewers Parv generally opens the party to the guild. In future we hope to have enough regular people to be able to do full inhouse lobbies to take away from the pressure of playing matchmaking.
  • How do I join the chat channel?
    • Click this button
    • Type Parv here and select the Parv channel
    • Press join
  • Can I add you on steam?
    • Parv would rather you didn’t. The account he uses on stream is his personal one that he uses to socialize with friends and if he added everyone from the stream his account would become unusable. If you want to play DotA with Parv you can join the guild.
  • Can I add you in [game that has it’s own friend system separate to steam]?
    • Assume no unless Parv says otherwise. (Will update if there are any that you can).
  • What do you use to stream ?
  • What did you do before Area 11 and Yogs?
    • Parv did a Philosophy degree, and played with a metal band called Bloodgaurd
  • How did you get involved with the Yogs?
  • Where in England are you from originally?
    • Coventry
  • Favorite stuff
  • Random Trivia & Links to More
  • Parv doesn’t read very often but when he does he reads philosophy books.

Twitch emotes



  • Parv was also in a death metal band called Bloodguard, you can listen here. He recently left on good terms.
  • Parv has 5 distinct ways he enters a room, and if you spend a few hours with him you'll probably experience at least 3.
  • According to Sjin and Parv, If you have been naughty, but ask Santa for some coal for Christmas, you get a picture of Parv.
  • Parv is a pen spinning practitioner, confirmed trick list includes the charge, thumb around, infinity, and finger pass. He also demonstrated he can do this with a drumstick. ([1])
  • The guitar Parv plays is an ESP Horizon NT-II.
  • For the office Secret Santa 2012, he gave Martyn a framed picture of his own face.
  • He can do an excellent impersonation of Gollum/Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings film series, as seen in Area 11's Sketch Riddles.
  • Parv is a fan of Avenged Sevenfold which was shown on the Christmas livestreams.
  • Parv loves the song 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia.
  • Parv's Twitch channel is ParvPlays .
  • It was revealed by Kogie in an interview that Parv studied philosophy in university. Hannah also said so in YogSims.
  • Parv has said in his stream that his lucky number is 17.6
  • Parv thinks that there is no point in unicorns as they are just "Horses with a stupid horn"
  • Parv has a sister, who is a year younger than him and a younger brother who is 14.
  • Parv used to create the Top 5 videos for the Yogscast, as recently revealed on stream
  • Parv likes his sandwiched with the crusts cut off.
  • His favourite US state is Florida.
  • Parv's favourite colour is green.
  • He was born on April 15th 1990.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Parv is not lactose intolerant. He just doesn't like cheese. This has been mentioned several times on his streams.
  • He is not dead


  • "I came from a womb and was sent here."
  • "Slog em and snog em."
  • "Take that, Notch! Broke your game."
  • "Look at the realism!"
  • "Do you want to get parved? Do you want to get parved? GET FUCKING PARVED!"
  • "YOLO"
  • "I've ruined everything!"
  • "I'm the Parvinator! William Strife sounds like David Hayter!"
  • "Now we owe 'The Simpsons' royalties."
  • "Let's make like a tree and 'leaf'"
  • "William Strife, lost his life. Nooby dooby, poke him with a knife."
  • "Minecraft is real life!"
  • "Tell a joke! Distract the audience! Shadow of Israphel! Okay, carry on."
  • "#fuckparv yo"
  • "Everyone's trying to take my jetpack!"
  • "Give it back Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom!"
  • "Crucify me!"


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