Alfheim is the home of the elves. According to the Lexica Botania, the elves came from this dimension, and it is quite different from the realm of Minecraftia. Many resources in Alfheim are impossible/very hard to get in Minecraftia and vice versa. The land also the homeland of Eldraphyn and King Oberon.

While this is a dimension/world is loaded into Minecraft, it can not be visited by the player, though both Eldraphyn and King Oberon are mysteriously allowed to travel between the overworld and this unseen dimension. Eldraphyn uses ender pearls, which are one of the very rare resources in Alfheim, to teleport through portals. Sjin was also able to use ender pearls to travel between the dimensions.

Rule The World
Series: Rule The World
Characters Berym, Eldraphyn, Lord Blackwood, Elwyn Sorrowsong, Renzovia, Houndmaster Hobb, Spooky Steve
Locations: Sjinterfel, Alfheim

Resonant Rise 3
Series: Cat Island, Druidz, Flux Buddies 2.0, Rule The World, Time Cops, Cornerstone
Characters: King Oberon, Spiny, Tony

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