All Rise for Datlof is a song sung by Lewis Brindley based off the 2014 Jingle Jam Livestream created meme, Datlof. It was posted to YouTube on February 5, 2015 and is a tribute to the Yogscast Civilization channel. Animation of the music video was made by Ciaran Askew, art was made by VeteranHarry. Musical production, composition and additional vocals was credits to Matt.


♪ All Rise For Datlof - Yogscast Civilization Tribute Song-003:05

♪ All Rise For Datlof - Yogscast Civilization Tribute Song-0


(Over Megaphone)
People of Datlof,
Raise your voices for the national anthem!

(Normal Voice)
God bless Datlof,
Our proud and sovereign land!
All rise for Datlof,
Its power will withstand!
Glorious nation of Datlof,
So lovely and so free!
With bountiful resources,
Like gin, moustaches and tea!
For goodness sake, make no mistake,
We've had troubles in our past!
But don't forget, we're still a threat,
And our cultures, unsurpassed!
God bless Datlof,
Our blessed land of pigs!
Noble leader of Datlof,
His brain is very big!
People of Datlof,
Raise up your swords once more!
To defend the precious motherland,
We will go to war!
We may be small, but we'll fight them all,
Until the very last man!
And some will say, we had our day,
We sure could use a hand!
So please help Datlof,
Their armies are on the shore!
We admit we're a little bit shit,
And we can't fight anymore!

(Over Megaphone)
People of Datlof,
You have served me well!
But today, it is our darkest hour,
We must fight to survive!
FIGHT! Fight on...Datlovians!
Block the defen...the swords of...with your bodies!
And hold them back! Block them, men!
Fight for your honour and fight for your country!

(Normal Voice)
Remember sweet Datlof,
Its legend will live on!
Our lands they take, our heads on stakes,
But our hearts beat ever on!

Trivia Edit

  • The song was discovered before it was even announced by Yognau(gh)t, TeamAshran when it was released under the Yogscast label on Spotify on January 31, 2015. The yognau(gh)t proceeded to post his findings on the Yogscast Sub-Reddit which became the top thread in an hour of the post's posting.

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