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Anno 2070

The European box-art for Anno 2070.

is a city-building real-time strategy game, developed by Related Designs and Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. It was released on 17th November 2011 (six days after that of Minecraft and Skyrim) whilst Simon and Lewis attended Minecon.

The game is set in the year 2070. Following the melting of the ice caps due to global warming, all that remains of land on Earth are the peaks of what were once mountains and that are now small islands. The game has three factions: The Eden Initiative (a pro-eco group, dedicated to saving what's left of the Earth's environment), The Global Trust (the industrial faction) and the S.A.A.T. (who specialize in technology).

Gameplay includes numerous random world events, such as attacks from pirates and warfare.


Over Christmas 2011, the Yogscast team ran a series of livestreams where they played a number of different games, the goal of the livestreams was to making money for charity.

One of the games that the Yogscast played was Anno 2070. Lewis was joined by Sips and Duncan as they attempted to "complete" the game by building a monument (the main objective of all Anno games - monuments are very expensive to build and take a lot of time). Whereas Lewis and Duncan were playing the game seriously, by working on economy and infrastructure, Sips preferred to watch pigs get vacuumed into a large machine.

Lewis, Duncan and Sips played the game in two sittings. At the end of the first playthrough, Duncan and Sips began a war which Lewis was also caught up in, effectively ending that particular game once and for all. In the second playthrough, Lewis, Sips and Duncan all went as the same faction (the industrial "Global Trust") all with the same goal of creating a monument. Lewis and Duncan mainly spent their time building, however Sips was absent for much of the game, but when he was playing, he turned the northern-most island, Rhode Island, into "Road Island" by completely covering the island in tarmac. Much to the trio's amusement, wild deer and bears could be seen wondering around on the island and occasionally grazing on the tarmac. Lewis and Duncan then became angry at Sips because they didn't have the sufficient funds to afford a monument, all because Sips had spent all of their money on "Road Island" instead. Nearing the end of the second sitting, Sips decided to remove some of the tarmac on "Road Island", creating a giant trollface.

At the end of the second livestream, Simon came onto vent and asked them if they were still playing. Sips had already left the game due to the extreme fatigue caused by the constant clicking whilst creating "Road Island" and only Lewis and Duncan remained. Simon exclaimed that he had finally finished the main quest for Skyrim after many hours of gameplay. The livestream came to a close after a total of eight hours of gameplay. Lewis and Duncan constructed an inter-continental nuclear missile and fired it at the opposing eco faction, the ecos began attacking Duncan and Lewis' warship which was easily defeating their inferior boats, and so the stream ended.

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