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Arabia, aka Crybabia, is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Season 3Edit

Arabia was chosen by Rythian, who founded the capital of Mecca, initially renaming it to Desert Jewel. Later realizing that Desert Jewel was not actually in the desert, he renamed it again to Orgrimmar.

Due to the India/Sweden conflict in season 2, Rythian wanted to make sure he had no conflict with the other players. He stood his ground when Sjin attempted to settle cities all around his borders, and the two civs began a long history of friendship and trade.

Over the course of thousands of years, Sjin's border growth overtook much of Rythian's possible expansion, boxing him in from the south and east, and having Byzantium and the sea blocking him in from the west, east and north. Rythian began to grow irritated at his isolation,and began complaining constantly because of it. This caused the rest of the crew to dub him as "the leader of Crybabia."

Towards the end of the world war between Lewis and the Duncan/Sjin alliance, Sips convinced Rythian to betray Duncan and Sjin, side with Lewis and fight against Spain. Before Lewis' victory, Rythian managed to capture Sjin's city of Rainbows.


  • Orgrimmar (capital, holy city, formerly Mecca and Desert Jewel)
  • Thunder Bluff (formerly Medina and Sea Sapphire)
  • Bilgewater Bay (formerly Damascus)
  • Gadgetzan (formerly Baghdad)
  • Rainbows (annexed from Spain)

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