Arrak is a continent created for the Lightfall campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons series, High Rollers D&D.

Arrak is located on the main material plane, unofficially called the Surface. The continent is surrounded by oceans. It consists of three countries and a region on its surface that are generally demarcated by the Grasping Peaks mountain range. The countries and region are Bresseras, Dawn Republic, Troubled Lands and Unbroken Empire. Underneath Arrak is an underground super-region known as the Underdark which comprises of various independent regions; Garden of Stones is one of them.

The Surface have two parallel material planes: Feywild and Shadowfell. These material planes, as a group, are then further connected to inner, outer and transitive planes; all collectively known as the planes of existence. Arborea, Astral Plane, Far Realm, Sigil and The Abyss are planes that have either been mentioned or visited throughout the Lightfall campaign.


HighRollers - Map of Bresseras

Bresseras is a desert kingdom located on the western regions of Arrak. It is the oldest and largest country on the continent. Bresseras is also a hermit kingdom as its inhabitants are only concerned with events happening within its borders. Its capital is Bresseras.[1]


Despite being the oldest kingdom of Arrak, it is not without its own political turmoil. Prior to the Lightfall, two major events occurred.

Demonic InvasionEdit

Centuries before the Lightfall, the demons invaded Bresseras in an attempt to take over the lands. The Chromatic and Metallic dragonborn warriors joined forces to combat the invasion. In the early stages of the war, the dragonborn were pushing the demons back.

Humans used to co-exist with the dragonborns. In an attempt to take advantage, the demons made an offer to the humans, who were power-hungry, to join them, promising power and wealth. The humans agreed and the two parties sealed a pact. Over time, the humans developed demonic features and abilities, eventually becoming tieflings.

With a sizeable tiefling force, the demons started winning the war. To counter this, the Metallics organized an army to hold them back. Their tactic eventually succeeded, forcing the demons back into their demonic planes. The dragons then sealed off the plane's portal and, after exhausting all their power in the war, the dragons are put into an eternal arcane sleep.

In the aftermath, the Chromatics decide to enslave all tieflings to prevent any further attacks. The Metallics generally agree with the decision.

Downfall of the MetallicsEdit

When the Kingdom of Bresseras was established centuries before the Lightfall, the dragonborns elected their first Wyrm King, a noble gold dragonborn warrior.

However, after the Demonic Invasion, the Chromatics felt that Bresseras should have a leader who was either intelligent or religious. Slowly but steadily, the Chromatics removed all Metallic leaders from power and appointed their own.

On one night, the Queen, a female black dragonborn, slew the Wyrm King in his sleep. With the assassination, there were no more Metallics in power, resulting in the Chromatics governing the country till this day. Despite this, the Metallics held onto their tradition of having a Wyrm King rule over their own class.

Demographics & CultureEdit

There are two main races that lived in Bresseras: dragonborns and tieflings. Of the dragonborns, there are two classes: the Chromatics and the Metallics. Dragons are also common in the kingdom and are rarely seen in other countries.

Although it is unclear who rules the kingdom, it is suggested that there are two opposing governments. The Chromatics run on a democracy and is the de facto government. The Metallics run on a monarchy and serve only their kind.


All tieflings are treated as slaves to the dragonborns throughout the whole kingdom. The reason for this is to prevent a another similar event to the Demonic Invasion from happening again. However, as no similar events have happened again for a long period of time, some dragonborns, particular Metallics, felt that tieflings should no longer be treated as slaves, but as a citizen of Bresseras.

There are some tieflings that have managed to escape slavery; a few of them had to make demonic pacts to do so. They formed small refuge villages across the kingdom, although some of these refugees are forced back into slavery due to raids conducted by dragonborns.

A few tieflings have fled Bresseras and establish a new life in neighbouring countries, although these are rare. Known tieflings that escaped Bresseras are Jiǔtóu, Lao, Lee and Sheng.

Dawn RepublicEdit

HighRollers - Map of Dawn Republic High Rollers Dawn Republic
Map of Dawn Republic
(Top: simplified, Bottom: original)
Main article: Dawn Republic

Dawn Republic is a mercantile country located on the eastern regions of Arrak. It is the second largest country on the continent. The Government of the Dawn Republic governs the country.

Dawn Republic is heavily visited throughout the Lightfall campaign, appearing in the majority of the sessions so far. The populated areas visited in the campaign are, in order of appearance, Tallfield (2-6), Longwood Forest (7-9), Feyden (9-11) and Talis'Val (11-20, 25-27, 29, 39-40), Burkley (28-29), Redcrop (30) and Melody (30-32). Other settlements mentioned in the campaign, but not yet visited, are Aramount, Briarcrest, Firstlight and Greybell.

Troubled LandsEdit

HighRollers - Map of Troubled Lands
Main article: Troubled Lands

The Troubled Lands is a frontier region located on the northern regions of Arrak. It is the third largest country on the continent. With its tough terrains and cold climate, civilisation is scarce with frontier towns scattered across the region. It is described as the "cold wild west".

The Troubled Lands is visited in the series from Sessions 32 to 39. The locations visited in the campaign are, in order of appearance, Spire of Winter (32-39), Hallow (33-34), Fenris' Lair (34-35), frost giant's land (38) and Monastery of Bahamut (38-39).

Unbroken EmpireEdit

HighRollers - Map of Unbroken Empire

Unbroken Empire is a country located on the southern regions of Arrak, and it is the smallest country on the continent. Its inhabitants established the country by their own will, with no races being superior to another. Slavery is outlawed within the Empire.

The empire is led by a leader known as the Young Empress, described as a young (14 years' old) god-emperor personality with powerful divine abilities. The Young Empress have issues with the deities, believing that they are the cause of the Lightfall. This results in her believing that the only belief she thinks is worth following is one's self belief and that all people work together. As Mark Hulmes said, the Young Empress' philosophy is "very Jedi Order-esque and a bit of Buddhism" where it is about "perfecting the body, working together and everybody has to do their share." To enforce her belief, the Young Empress employ Paladin Knights to go around making sure everybody work together. In turn, the Empire have no nobility, no upper class and no monetary system.[2]


Main article: Underdark

Underdark is an underground super-region located underneath the continent of Arrak. There is no unified underground government since each individual city-state and region has a different form of rule.[3] There are two known gateways into the Underdark. One is through the Temple of Tharizdun located in Whisper's Walk, Talis'Val. The other is via Aramount.

The Underdark is visited in the series from Sessions 20 to 25, and briefly mentioned in Session 40. The regions visited in the campaign are, in order of appearance, Garden of Stones (20-23) and Temple of Dah'Mir (23-25). The Aramount Mining Facility is mentioned in Session 40.

Planes of ExistenceEdit

Material PlanesEdit



HighRollers - Location of Feywild

Known portal to the Feywild

The Feywild is an magical forested plane parallel to the Surface. The plane is connected to Arrak via Longwood forest.

The spirit Cenaria roams the forest, which made an appearance in Session 6 to give the adventurers a mission to retrieve an object to revive Jiǔtóu. The Feywild appears later in Session 9 after the adventurers successfully completes the mission.

Outer PlanesEdit


Arborea is a chaotic good-aligned plane of existence, stylised as a peaceful plane of natural beauty with a multitude of thriving environments. It is known to be spiritually connected to Arrak.

Arborea is guarded by winged elves led by Tanos. It made an appearance in Session 7.5, where Jiǔtóu meets with Master Guanyin after her death.

The AbyssEdit

The Nine Hells of BaatorEdit

Transitive PlanesEdit

Astral PlaneEdit


Shadowfell CathedralEdit

The Shadowfell is an underworld plane parallel to the Surface, ruled by the demon lord Orcus. The plane used to be connected to Arrak via a mausoleum located in Whisper's Walk, Talis'Val until it is destroyed in Session 18.

A demiplane version of the Shadowfell appears in Session 18, where Jonathan and the adventurers enter a sealed-off cathedral to seek and destroy the source that is disturbing the undead that threatened to overrun the streets of Talis'Val.

Fenris' LairEdit

Other PlanesEdit

Far RealmEdit



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