Aven Colony is a space colony-building game by Mothership Entertainment. In this game, the player builds and maintain humanity's first space colony on an exotic alien world, ensuring the well-being of the colonists.[1] The game has been compared to SimCity or Cities Skylines, but more focused on expansion and survival than efficient and elegant design.[2]

The game is currently in beta and is planned to be released on Steam and in early 2017.[1]


Mothership Entertainment, the game's developer, offered Sips to try out the game while it is still in beta mode. Sips accepted it and is currently having a gameplay series on his YouTube channel.

Episode GuideEdit

Sips — Aven Colony
Video Name Table yt
Aven Colony - A Whole New World - PART #1 Watch
Aven Colony - Melonania - PART #2 Watch
Aven Colony - Bistro Mode - PART #3 Watch
Aven Colony - Referendum - PART #4 Watch
Aven Colony - Spores - PART #5 Watch


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