Aviary Attorney is an adventure visual novel developed and published by Sketchy Logic on December 22, 2015. The player takes the role of a lawyer, Jayjay Falcon and his apprentice Sparrowson through four chapters of investigation, suspense, collecting evidence and providing evidence in trials. These features culminate in a story of a revolution in 1848 Paris.


Hannah, Kim and Simon (HAKIMON) completed the first Act of the game.

Episode GuideEdit

Kim — Aviary Attorney
Video Name Table yt
HAKIMON Highlights: Aviary Attorney #1 - Lady Caterline Watch
HAKIMON Highlights: Aviary Attorney #2 - Baron Rorgueil Watch
HAKIMON Highlights: Aviary Attorney #3 - Giraffe or Tall Horse? Watch
HAKIMON Highlights: Aviary Attorney #4 - The Trial Watch

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