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Barbeque Bay
Barbeque Bay

Small description

BBQ Bay is a floating wooden city, and a haven for pirates.


Jock Fireblast (deceased)
Angus Eyeless
Grimjaw Slugface (deceased)
Spacker LeChuck (undead)
Isabel Peculier
Pirate Tinman

First appearance

The Pirates of BBQ Bay

Date of destruction

The Fiend

Cause of destruction

Burned and pillaged by Jock Fireblast



BBQ Bay was the third main quest hub of Season 3, after Mistral City and Verigan's Hold. Inspired from World of Warcrafts Booty Bay (SOI part 24 6:55). It was connected to the outskirts of Mistral City by a long bridge, and to Verigan's Hold through a secret tunnel. Before it was burned down, it was an island structure of docks and sailing ships.


Its existence was first hinted at on the Yogscast Museum Server, where the bridge to BBQ Bay was blocked off and "under construction". The bridge leading to BBQ Bay was first seen in the distance in Episode 2 of Season 3, when the heroes were making their way to Mistral City. It was seen once again in Episode 10, this time during the night.

The character Pirate Tinman, who appeared in the Tale of the Sands cutscene from Episode 14, was a resident of BBQ Bay.

Swampy Bogbeard sensed that a fragment of Karpath's Map could be found in BBQ Bay. Xephos and Honeydew first visited in Episode 18.

In Episode 24, despite our heros defending it from Jock Fireblast, he burned the bay down. After the enraged Xephos and Honeydew killed Jock, Isabel Peculier handed them the map fragment she found in the water. The ruined foundations of BBQ Bay still stand, as they were underwater.


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