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Babylon is a playable civilization in DLC for Civilization V.


During the Yogscast Civilization Christmas Livestream, Parv played as Babylon. When the game began Parv ended up spawning near Duncan who was Egypt at the time. Before discovering Duncan however Parv renamed his capital to Parvytown. Parv upon discovering Duncan told Duncan to stay away from his land. On the 12th turn Parv's civilization experienced disaster when his newly created great scientist was captured by barbarians. Parv soon declared war on Duncan by attacking his scouts due to Duncan killing some barbarians around him and taking the exp from them.

Season 6Edit

Parv choose Babylon as his civilization in order to redeem himself from the failure in the livestream game. In the beginning of the game, Parv spawned near Mt. Kailash, which, unknown to Parv at the time, was also near Duncan. Like the previous game, Parv's Great Scientist, part of his civilizations core perks, was taken yet again by barbarians. Parv chose Fertility Rites as his pantheon saying that it was the best strategy for him to use in the situation he was in. During the war between Rome and The Celts, Parv used his scouts to gleefully "referee" the battle, overlooking it from the sidelines. However, after the Spanish joined the war, in order to keep up with the game, Parv provided military aid to Rome. As revenge, after the Celts lost Haggis and later Bagpipes, Sjin provided an enormous modern army to Duncan, who landed on the Babylonian coast and captured the capital YOGSCAST Sjin, renaming it Scotland and limiting Parv to the northern city of PewDiePie, which was later renamed Club Med. Later, Parv followed Duncan in settling another continent to start anew, but the settler he sent was killed by a Spanish fleet, further ruining Parv's chances for a fresh start. Duncan soon took Parv's final city, knocking Parv out of the game.

Season 7Edit

Parv once again choose Baylon as his civilization and for the first time managed to make his Great Scientist and use him.



  • Parvytown (Capital, formerly Babylon)
  • Parvtopia (formerly Babylon, at different times)
  • Parville
  • ParvParvParvPar
  • Eggbert (given to Babylon by The Celts, later returned to The Celts)
  • Robin Laid an Egg (Former Shoshone city, taken by Babylon)

Season 6Edit

  • Yogscast Sjin (Capital, formerly Parvparvarvarvrv, Babylon, taken by The Celts and renamed Scotland. Later taken from The Celts by Rome)
  • Parv Med (formerly Club Med, which was formerly PewDiePie, taken by The Celts)

Season 7Edit

  • Parvisarvisarv (Capital)
  • Fuck Slender (formerly Babylon city, taken by Spain and razed)
  • Fuck Slender(II) 
  • FuckFuckSlender
  • FuckFuckFuck


  • Those are the actual city names and not some type trolling.

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