Bachir "Athene" Boumaaza is a YouTube personality, social activist and close friend of the Yogscast. As of December 2012, Athene has amassed nearly 400,000,000 YouTube video views and over 700,000 subscribers.


Self-proclaimed "Best Gamer in the World," Boumaaza began making videos in 2007, most notably World of Warcraft videos, playing the role of Athene - an eccentric WoW player, trolling and generally causing a nuisance. In 2011, Boumaaza began a YouTube-based movement known as Together To The Top (often shortened to TTTT), an initiative aimed at the promotion of smaller YouTube channels, which he would directly promote through his channel and other channels within the TTTT "network." Additionally, Athene would create a personal response video to each YouTuber that contacted him asking to be part of the movement. As of 2012, he has created over 9000 (joke not intended) YouTube responses.


  • The first time Athene was 'in the yogiverse' was when Simon and Lewis taught Athene how to play Minecraft.
  • On 23 December 2012, Athene led the Yogscast Just Giving charity livestream.


  • Boumaaza is also noted for his charity work, most recently in 2012, when he raised over $1,000,000 US for Child's Play charity. A charitable organisation that the Yogscast have also worked with in the past.


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