Bad Santa is a song written, sung and produced by Hat Films which was released on December 4, 2015. The song was written and recorded live during Hat Films' musical stream on the 4th of December for the 2015 Jingle Jam.

Bad Santa was released in the album Population: You, along with 6 other tracks which were also written and recorded during the stream.


Heading to the mall,
And it's christmas time!
Sips is playing Santa,
Got the kids in a line!
Giving mad gifts!
But he's eaten a lot,
there's a whole load a' gas
leaking out of his slot!

He's giving all the gifts that you never thought you needed,
Coming off as jolly but you know you've been misleaded,
Check your gift, son!
Cause it's not all great,
I know you used your socks to masturbate,
And they're wet!
So you can't put them on,
Had them running up like he's wearing a thong,
And it smells weird,
And it don't stop there,
He dusted off the turkey with his pubic hair!