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Baked Bean Fort (a.k.a Baked Bean Fart) was the Headquarters and Fortress of the J.A.F.F.A. It is where the J.A.F.F.A crew manufactured rockets and resided in for the entire MoonQuest series. It is located near a large village, a sheep farm and a solitary redwood tree. It was granted permission by the village to be built in its vicinity, after Simon had killed their king and became their new ruler. The Fortress itself has been designed to look like a Heinz baked bean can. The top floor is within the can, and where rockets are created and space equipment is stored. The can is an aqua blue and has an indistinct Heinz logo. The lower floor is where smelting, crafting and cooking takes place. A large furnace, marble kitchen and notice board can be found in here. There is also a cave system that can be entered from there. At the top of the can, the lid has been opened revealing a rocket launch pad. Rockets are able to be launched from here. JAFFA launched a total of three rockets from the top of BBF to the Moon, however, in MarsQuest 93-Blast off to Mars, the MarsRocket was launched from Moonbase Beta. After reaching Mars, the gang move into the New World through the nether portal in the search for the newly discovered Jaffa Factory (of which Sjin purchased from Hat Films deed shop) that had been mysteriously transported there due to the previous flux incident with Kim and Duncan at his Castle (which was also transported). Before leaving the old world, along with the Baked Bean Fart, a 'nuclear winter' had begun (due to a server change and the introduction of the New [Over]World along with other Yogscast member's Complete Pack series') On their return to BBF, they discovered snow blocking the doors and that a meteor had smashed through the wall. Ignoring the effects of the harsh eternal winter, they continued with the renovation of the Jaffa Factory. After the tragic destruction of the Jaffa Factory, the gang obtains a deed from Hat Films for an island north of the ruins of the Jaffa Factory (Craggy Island). They decide to move out from Baked Bean Fart and take all their chests and equipment from the (now completely snow-covered and partly destroyed) JAFFA base. As they leave through the nether portal, Lewis and Duncan say goodbye to the base forever, thus ending the MoonQuest (aka Mars/JaffaQuest) series.