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Barry The Wormhole


Unloaded chunk in the Voltz server


Sips Co.


World-Eating Wormhole

First Appearance

Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb

Last Appearance

Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb

"Um...what the holy shit is this?"
(Lewis Brindley upon seeing Barry the Wormhole)

Barry the Wormhole is a wormhole created and set loose by Sips and Sjin when they detonated a Red Matter Explosive borrowed from Sips Co. on the Voltz server in an attempt to 'mine' resources quicker, mainly copper. Once unleashed, Barry proceeded to gradually grow in size, consuming all matter he came into contact with, and repeatedly killing both Sips and Sjin. Ridgedog estimated that if left alone, the wormhole would have eventually consumed the entire server. Duncan, Lewis and Ridgedog attempted to combat the wormhole's power with antimatter explosives, and succeeded in destroying the second Red Matter explosive that Ridgedog had mistakenly set off.

However, Barry himself escaped to different chunk, according to Sips Co. officials. The damage Barry had wrought extended to a large portion of the land between Sips Co.'s Voltz bunker and Ridgedog's 'concentration camp', as well as some of Sips Co.'s shipping and receiving area.

Duncan repaired much of the damage with some Rejuvenation Missiles - although he also inadvertently erased almost all of Sips and Sjin's base from existence in the process - but some remnants survived, including Barry's escape tunnel, which Sips and Sjin later followed in search of a new location for a base. Sips likened Barry to Frankenstein's monster, claiming that he would always do the bidding of his creators. Sjin acknowledges that wormholes have a half-life and their feelings cannot be ignored.


  • The original intention for Barry's detonation was to mine some copper ore, a mineral Sips Co. were running out of. While not at first apparent, Barry achieved this end by exposing a large amount ores at a useful level, and during Sips and Sjin's subsequent explorations they mined so much of it that both their inventories were full.

    'The path of Barry'

  • Barry also provided Sips Co. with a new base, Camp Hercules; a camp set up in the long tunnel left during the wormhole's escape, dubbed 'The Path of Barry'. The camp was set up at the point where it became impossible to follow the path any longer, due to large amounts of seawater flooding the tunnel.
  • Despite Ridgedog's claims (and common belief), Red Matter Explosives do not consume the entire world if left unchecked; it will suck in everything in a circle with a radius of about 35 blocks, and after a certain amount of time, the singularity will close on its own, having left a truly enormous crater in its wake.
  • Red Matter Explosives are named after a substance seen in the 2009 movie Star Trek, which, when triggered, does in fact create highly destructive black holes.

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