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The Battle Under Terrorvale is a battle that occurred beneath the small town of Terrorvale. After discovering a secret passage underneath Israphel's tomb, the heroes venture in and find Israphel's Castle. They stay back for a short while, but after hearing Daisy's screams, Xephos, Honeydew, and Peculier attack. Israphel sends out Zombie Boss to stop the trio, but they quickly knock him into the lava surrounding the castle. They venture into the castle, and find that it is somewhat homely. However this is all disrupted when they see the nameplate of Creeper Boss and the TNT he has.

The heroes quickly run upstairs in an attempt to stop Creeper Boss, but are too late as he sacrifices himself to destroy the top of the castle. Across the hole from the explosion, they see a tunnel in which Israphel took Daisy through. After following it for the majority of an episode, they find that it leads to the Hellgate the two heroes built.

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