Battlefield 1 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Despite its name, it is the fourteenth installment in the Battlefield franchise, the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4 (2013).

Similar to previous entries in the series, Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter that emphasizes teamwork. The game is set in the period of World War I, and is inspired by historic events. Players can make use of World War I weapons, including bolt-action rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers, and mustard gas to combat opponents.Melee combat was reworked, with DICE introducing new melee weapons such as sabres, trench clubs, and shovels into the game.[1]

In YogiverseEdit

  • Hat Films originally played the game during Alpha on a July 2016 livestream. They later went on to produce further videos during the games open beta.
  • Vadact has also created videos during the open beta.

Episode GuideEdit

Rythian — Battlefield 1
Video Name Table yt
Battlefield 1 #1 - Frontline Combat Watch
Battlefield 1 #2 - Through Mud and Blood Watch
Battlefield 1 #3 - Black Bess Watch
Battlefield 1 #4 - Night Stalker Watch
Battlefield 1 #5 - Back in the Mud Watch
Battlefield 1 #6 - Friends in High Places Watch
Battlefield 1 #7 - No Man`s Land Watch
Battlefield 1 #8 - Skyfighter Watch
Battlefield 1 #9 - Avanti Savoia Watch
Battlefield 1 #10 - La Vittoria Watch
Battlefield 1 #11 - The Runner Watch
Battlefield 1 #12 - The Hero Watch
Battlefield 1 #13 - Nothing Is Written Watch
Battlefield 1 #14 - Zara of Arabia Watch
Battlefield 1 #15 - The Iron Dragon Watch
Hat Films — Battlefield 1
Video Name Table yt
Hunting The D (Battlefield 1 Alpha Gameplay) Watch
WATCH ME NEIGH NEIGH! (Battlefield 1 Beta) Watch
WAR CLUBBING! (Battlefield 1 Beta) Watch
Don`t Shoot, He`s A Family Man! (Battlefield 1 Squad Plays) Watch
Battlefield 1: A Place In The Sun Watch
Horse Heart Boy! / Battlefield 1 Watch
HARD BODS RETURN / Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass DLC Watch
GERMAN LADS ON TOUR / Battlefield 1 - They Shall Not Pass DLC Watch
WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG? / Battlefield 1 - Frontlines Gameplay DLC Watch
Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar Watch
Yogscast Live — Battlefield 1
Video Name Table yt
MEDIC! - Battlefield 1 [Alpha] w/ HatFilms - 12th July 2016 Watch
GOING TO WAR - BATTLEFIELD 1 - 18th October 2016 Watch
TALLY-HO! - BATTLEFIELD 1 - 25th October 2016 Watch
OFFENSIVE JOKES - BATTLEFIELD 1 - 1st November 2016 Watch
YOU`RE LATE! - BATTLEFIELD 1 - 23rd November 2016 Watch
Vadact — Battlefield 1
Video Name Table yt
BATTLEFIELD 1 ALL OUT WAR! :: Battlefield 1 Open Beta PC Gameplay Livestream Watch
BATTLEFIELD 1 TACTICAL COMBAT! :: Battlefield 1 Open Beta PC Gameplay Livestream Watch
BATTLEFIELD 1 ALL OUT WAR! :: Battlefield 1 Launch Livestream! Watch
BATTLEFIELD 1 INSANE WEAPONS CRAZY GRAPHICS! :: Battlefield 1 Launch Gameplay! Watch
BATTLEFIELD 1 FULL STORY PLAYTHROUGH! :: Battlefield 1 Story Livestream! Watch


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