Ben Edgar is one of the Yogscast Administrators. He was first seen by Yognau(gh)ts in Kim's YOGSKIM Special! Simon's Present video where she dressed up as Mandrew. Ben was seen in the background, and he became known on Reddit and Tumblr as "Corgi Crasher". Ben says that his job deals with the "stats and things". He has appeared in several other Grand Theft Auto V and Garry's Mod videos as well as participating in several seasons of Civilization V/VI. Ben has also begun playing old school strategy games with Lewis on Twitch, with the streams usually titled 'Lewis and Ben Save the World', as well as on the Civilization channel.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Ex-Detective Ben was hired by the Yogscast to investigate corruption within YogTowers. Ben discovered what he thought was embezzlement that went all the way to the top. It turned out just to be Simon getting into the Jaffa supplies again though. When not dressing up and trying to steal the Ark of the Covenant, Ben is involved in almost every facet of the company and how to improve it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ben's Minecraft account 'Bedgarsan' was changed to 'Rebel_Captain'[1] for the Trials Of Derpulies series. It was later changed to 'HelperBear'[2] for the Corvax's Christmas Cracker series. It was even later changed to 'Lardbuttz'[3] for the "Whale Lords" Minecraft series.
  • Ben is in a relationship with a woman named Lisa.
  • One of Ben's favourite video games is the first X-COM game, UFO: Enemy Unknown.[4]
  • Ben has a dog.[5]
  • Ben has a child.[6]
  • Ben won the Star Wars Armada European Championship 2017.[7]
  • Ben's birthday is 2nd February.[8]
  • Ben often plays as left shark in Trouble in Terrorist Town on the main channel
  • Ben co-stars in the youtube channel Lewis and Ben Save the World





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