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Benji's Minecraft Skin's Face
Real Name Ben Fry
Usernames/Aliases Benji, Benjizm, ThaBenjamon
YouTube Channel Benji (Benjamon)
Gender Male
Current Member? No
Partner Sam Thorne (Strippin), Danny Holland

Ben Fry, under the username Benji, is a good friend of the Yogscast and Strippin's Minecraft partner-in-crime, and the other half of Rail Bros in Tekkit. He has a flamboyant personality, notably seen when he was singing Age of Aquarius, by 5th Dimension, whilst frolicking with a group of squid, one of which was called Jamiroquai, another called Shaquille o' Neal get real. After Duncan and Sjin blew up the old world, Benji was blown away in a minecart and, due to isolation and possible head injury, forgot most of his knowledge of Railcraft. Strippin is currently re-teaching Railcraft to his partner. He and Strippin used to live in The Abode, their base-of-operations before their waypoints were wiped during the transfer from Tekkit to Yogcraft .

Current Games Playing

  • Hearthstone
  • Dark Souls 2

Finished series


  • Apparently, Benji has either been hiding a secret adoration of squid from Strippin in the old Tekkit world, or his crash landing opened his eyes to the world of the squids.
  • Although there is not much on it, his twitter account can be seen here: @ThaBenjamon.
  • He was taking exams at some point in time, an explanation for there being no Tekkit with Strippin. He has finished with his exams, as seen on his Twitter here.


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