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Ben Fry, under the nicknames Benji and KingBendrick, is a good friend of the Yogscast and Strippin. Benji is known for his Minecraft series with Strippin, Rail Bros Inc. He is also participating in the Yogscast Minecraft collab series, Cornerstone, being the only non-Yogscast person on the series. In this series he is, once again, partnered with his partner-in-crime, Strippin. On his YouTube channel, you can find assorted let's plays, such as his Dark Souls II series. Another well-known series of his is his Castle Crashers series with Strippin, Rythian, and Daniel.

In-Yogiverse Edit


  • Benji's username, KingBendrick, is a play on words of "King Vendrick," a character from the video game Dark Souls II.
  • Benji had a bowl cut when he was a child.
  • Benji is 20 years old.
  • Benji loves mango juice.
  • Benji loves to drink tea while gaming, particularly chamomile or peppermint.


  • "I'm on a holy pilgrimage to piss off Sam."



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