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Realistic Bertie
Bertie's Twitter Avatar
Real Name Albert
Usernames/Aliases BertieChap
YouTube Channel AdamzoneTopMarks
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? No
Partner GameChap

BertieChap (otherwise known popularly as Bertie) is a good friend and a companion of Gamechap. His first appearance was technically in the Golden Monocle Part 2, however his voice was heard in the previous episode, foreshadowing his appearance. He has continued to appear in GameChap's videos since. His trademark items are:

  • His Glistening Melon (which, apparently, when eaten gives a super-speed effect)
  • TNT
  • Levers
  • Other Melons

He is a walking disaster; famous for destroying the canyon village or Gamechap and Bertie's server house in many Minecraft mod videos that Gamechap has done. Bertie likes sheep, coconuts, explosions, whiskey and cigars. Ironically, on the Quest for the Golden Monocle, he wasn't even aware how to set off TNT; now he is quite the Master of Explosions. Bertie also has quite unusual singing talents.

Relationship with the YogscastEdit

Gamechap and Bertie's first appearance in a Yogscast video was the The Walls on the 24th of July, 2012, in which the duo was the first team to be slain. They also made an appearance on the Crown Conquest 2nd August, 2012, which Gamechap and Bertie came second on. On the Christmas livestream, Gamechap and Bertie took part in the Race For The Wool along side Lewis and Simon, against the map maker (Hypixel) and Ridgedog. They later appeared on the Skyblock Rumble teamed up with Duncan Jones. However, Gamechap and Bertie have had a falling out with the Yogscast[citation needed] and the Yogscast have severed all ties with Gamechap and Bertie.


  • "WHAAAT!"
  • "Buuugs!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "CIRCLES!!!!!"
  • "That's rather spiffing!"
  • "Eat my melon, fiend!"
  • "It's not my fault!"
  • "Hair Lair Their!"
  • "Mr. Mayorrrrrrrr!!!"
  • "It's nothing to do with me!"
  • "I SAY!"
  • "LIKE A SIR!!!"


  • It is often thought by the fans that Bertie is a Creeper in disguise because of his love of TNT and how often he 'accidentally' destroys villages or GameChap's property. Some evidence has been shown in their mod reviews, such as Bertie hissing and setting off pressure plates that can only be triggered by creepers.
  • Bertie is also able to destroy bedrock using TNT, as seen in a few videos.
  • He first appeared with the Yogscast alongside Gamechap in The Walls, a PVP map.
  • He is considered to be the Gamechap world's equivalent to Simon Lane, with his explosive shenanigans, meaning the two coming face to face could cause the potential destruction of Minecraftia.
  • Bertie also does voices, another trait he shares with Simon.
  • In mod spotlights, their videos tend to end in an explosion caused by Bertie and Gamechap chasing him.
  • Strangely, even though GameChap has his own channel, Bertie does not.
  • It is unknown how GameChap can cope with Bertie blowing everything up.
  • Nilesy is known to be able to do excellent impressions of Bertie and GameChap.
  • Bertie has a strange fondness to gerbils.
  • When Bertie gets angry, he takes on a heavy Scottish accent. 


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