The Big Aitch, also known as the Triple H Towers, is Lewis, Simon, and Duncan's H shaped factory on the Yogscast Complete server. As seen in their series, Hole Diggers, Simon wanted to make their new factory an H shape, because of his in game name, Honeydew. It is part of their base, Hole Diggers Inc, on Craggy Islands.


  • For the majority of the series, the Big Aitch looked like a big pair of metal trousers due to Simon adding a pair of shoes to the 55% complete Big Aitch due to "a moment of inspiration." However, Duncan removed these 'shoes' during the finale of Hole Diggers due to them "looking ugly" in Duncan's opinion.
  • Construction on the building was halted during the earlier episodes of Hole Diggers, due to the intrepid workers of Hole Diggers Inc. becoming distracted with other projects and remained in an incomplete state for most of the series. Construction resumed however, during the last few episodes of the series and was fully completed in between the second to last and final episode.


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