The billhook is a weapon wielded by Xephos in the Shadow of Israphel series. Xephos discovered the weapon in Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 37: Ballooning along with Honeydew's mace and a map of The Hand.


  • As a billhook is a weapon not found in vanilla Minecraft; it must be a modification of some sort. A texture change can be ruled out as by that time items had tooltips, so you would be able to see the name of the original item. It is most likely part of a server plugin used on the Shadow of Israphel server, or a weapon mod installed to make the series more interesting.
  • It can also be found throughout Crown Conquest.


Shadow of Israphel Miscellaneous
Battles/Wars: Battle of the Breach, Battle under Terrorvale, The Pre-Sand War, The Sand War
Items: Billhook, Fumblemore's Cure-All Potion, Golden Record, Karpath's Map, Verigan's Hammer
Organisations: Cult of Israphel, N-Comm, The Adventures League, The Crimson Cross
Series: Israphel Animated, Mushbury Tales
Other: History of Minecraftia, Races of Minecraftia, Kikatchu, L. Wilson, The Sands, The Taint of Israphel, The Tale of the Sands

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