Block N Load is an online first person action shooter game. It was developed and published by Jagex and was fully released on PC on April 30, 2015. The game is commonly referred to a combination between Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. The aim of the game is to face off in a tactical battle where everything you build, destroy, construct, or shoot has a devastating impact on the entire game.

In YogiverseEdit

The Yogscast have done several videos playing the game and also filmed a live action series as a paid promotion for Jagex, titled "Block N Load Challenge". In the 3-part series Lewis, Simon and Hat Films faced off against each other to try and destroy as many cardboard boxes as possible. The series culminated with Smiffy shooting fireworks at boxes dowsed in petrol which resulted in a large fire. Lewis won the challenge with a total of 100 points and Smiffy came last with 30 points.

Block N Load Challenge 2, a second series also funded by the games creators, was confirmed by Lewis, with filming occurring on Friday 16 October. This time the challenge was undertaken in miniature form, with team Lewis, Duncan, and Sjin facing off against the Hat Films trio. The teams first had to construct defensive structures of small cardboard cubes to protect their miniature 3D-printed versions of themselves, before their opponents attempted to destroy them with a variety of unusual weapons. Hat Films' final attack was made by Trott dressed as a giant inflatable man. He used a full-body attack to destroy what remained of team Yogs' base, meaning Hat Films emerged the victors with a total of 135 points to 130.

Episode Guide Edit

Yogscast Live! — Block N Load
Video Name Table yt
Yogscast Jingle Jam - Dream Stream Part 1 - Block n Load Prestream with HatFilms Watch
Hat Films — Block N Load
Video Name Table yt
Block N Load Gameplay - Exclusive Alpha First Look! #1 Watch
Block N Load Gameplay - Exclusive Alpha First Look! #2 Watch
Block N Load - Team Hat Films "Working Dads" #1 Watch
Block N Load - Team Hat Films "Suck This!" #2 Watch
Block N Load - Team Hat Films "It`s Raining Balls" #3 Watch
Behind The Load (Block N Load Live Action) Watch
Block N Load - The War Of The Scrubs! #1 Watch
Block N Load - Mole Man #2 Watch
Lewis and Simon — Block N Load
Video Name Table yt
Block N Load #3 - English Gentlemen Watch
Block N Load #1 - Build, Defend, Attack Watch
Block N Load #2 - Glue Gun Fun Watch
Cardboard Chaos - Block N Load Challenge - Part 1 of 3 Watch
Grenade Launcher - Block N Load Challenge - Part 2 of 3 Watch
Fire - Block N Load Challenge - Part 3 of 3 Watch
Lewis Gets Shot - Block N Load Challenge - Extra Bits Watch
Block N Load - 4vs4 Versus - Quick Release Pants Watch
Block N Load - Power Trowl Watch
Block N Load - Italian Buzz Lightyear Watch
Block N Load - Snow Storm Watch
Block N Load - Gin Genie Watch
Block N Load - Art Attack Watch
Block N Load Challenge 2 - Miniature Destruction (Round 1) Watch

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