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  • Zaixchap

    Hello everyone!

    September 3, 2011 by Zaixchap


    I have just started a couple days ago and have been a fan of the yogscast a long


    i do not like to beg

    i do play minecraft

    i DO NOT like trolls

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  • Yogiverse

    wolf joewolf

    September 4, 2011 by Yogiverse

    why don't you make wolf joewolf his own wikia then it will be all about him all you have to do is go to the top left corner and click start a wiki

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  • Yogdicted

    I just want to help The yogscast

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  • YogAssassin07

    it  could be possible to unban lightning we have to check i dont know why he got ban but i think he got hack i think the owner or admins should look into the history i find out what happened excatly or lightning could make a new a account 

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  • YogAssassin07

    Hey yognauts out there this is the yogassassin and i have been wondering is Simon in love with Jaffa cakes or Hannah

    yes we know he loves both and he wants Hannah but which does he like the most you tell me.After u read the artical why dont you post a comment below and answer my question sorta thingy blog......

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    Hannah is best known among Yognau(gh)ts alike as Lewis' girlfriend, although there seems to be some confusion sometimes over who she is dating. The original story told to the fans was that Lewis and Hannah met after Hannah sent a "smexy" photo to Lewis via email and Lewis fell in love at first sight. Simon revealed in an interview with Nordrassil radio that the couple's first date involved them booking a night in a room toge…

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  • Xblight


    January 4, 2013 by Xblight

    Hello I'm jay I like creating websites and things I also do lighting and sound for shows!

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  • Xasparaz

    Hey guys. Well I have a wiki for my channel to help create a more set fanbase if I ever get any larger, But I can't get anyone to edit my video articles. I stink at summarising.

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  • Xasparaz

    The Life We Live

    July 13, 2013 by Xasparaz

    I was asleep. I had not slept this well in weeks it had seemed. As the sun shined in through my open window I slowly shuffled to my feet. The breezy cool air swept in through my window to greet me. "Good Lord!" I moved over and shut the window. "More sleep ruined because It was too cold!" I looked down grumpily to the floor. It was a nice floor.   Or at least it was until I fell off my bed and knocked a few random paint cans on it. I am not a very Lucky person it seems. I yawned off the rest of my sleep and went on to handle my morning business. I checked in my closet. It was filled wall to wall with suits. Black suits with several red detailing marks. I put one on and slipped on some shoes. I soon left my room to go to eat. 

    It was a drear…

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  • Xasparaz


    January 30, 2013 by Xasparaz

    III a

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  • Xasparaz

    Erm yesh.

    January 11, 2013 by Xasparaz

    ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵◣ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵▇◣ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵▇▇◣ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵▇▇▇◣ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵▋ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵▋ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ▋ ∵∵∵∵ ◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵▋∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵ ∵∵ ◣ ∵∵∵∵ ▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◢▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵▇◣ ∵∵∵∵ ▇▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◢▇▇▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵ ▇▇◣ ∵∵∵∵ ▇▇▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◢▇▇▇▇▇◣∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵ ▇▇▇◣ ∵∵∵∵ ▊∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◥▇╭┯╮▇◤∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵▊ ∵∵∵∵ ▊∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵▇┠╂┨▇∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵▊ ∵∵∵∵ ▊∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵▇╰┷╯▇∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵ ∵∵∵∵∵▊ ∵∵∵ ◢▇◣∵∴∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵◥▇▇▇◤∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵…

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