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  • ZakaSonza

    Hi Rollers! (hehe, puns..)

    So, a moment, if I may, to talk about High Rollers D&D.

    It came to our attention recently that Mark Hulmes' page on this wiki was missing any mention of High Rollers. Tasked with the job of fixing this catastrophic oversight, it started me thinking about High Rollers and what it has managed to become in quite a short space of time.

    When the first episode went live I added the page to the wiki and pitched the idea of logging the campaign. I had an idea at that point that the show would be popular enough to continue, but I never thought it would take off in the way it has. Mark, along with Chris, Kim, Matt and Katie (not forgetting Sam and Steve behind the scenes) all give a really strong performance each and every we…

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  • JessicaFin23

    Martyn Littlewood is the seventh member of the Yogscast.

    Martyn has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a green T-shirt, blue jeans, and green sneakers. He also wears a green headband, in which he is best known for.

    He wears jeans and sneakers during the fall, winter, and spring months, and he wears shorts/capris and sandals during the summer months.

    Martyn is known to be cheerful, friendly, energetic, and loyal. As a Nature Ninja, he is the speed fighter of the team.

    Because of his ninja personality, Martyn is often calm and collected, especially whenever he faces a tough challenge. Whenever an enemy approaches, while the other teammates immediately draw out their weapons, Martyn keeps his cool before and while he attacks. 

    Martyn puts on his h…

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  • JessicaFin23

    Duncan Jones is the fourth member of the Yogscast.

    Duncan has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue shirt, dark blue jeans, green sneakers, and a white lab coat. He also wears a pair of goggles.

    Duncan is clever and inventive. As a Rad Scientist, he serves as the brains of the team.

    Duncan is smart and very helpful to most of his teammates. He is a somewhat slick and suave scientist with a technical personality.

    Duncan puts on his goggles and says "Duncan Jones, Rad Scientist! GO!"

    • Lazer Gun
    • Portal-Porter
    • Plasma Lazer

    • Adding this later

    • "Pretty cool."
    • "You're lying."
    • "I reckon…"
    • "Gadzooks!"
    • "Whoa, there! Slow down!"
    • "Grab that amulet until someone gets hurt!"
    • "Can you help me fix this?"
    • "Aha, I'm glad you could join me."
    • "Overly enthusiastic aren'…

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  • Gavalar

    Today might just be a normal Saturday to all of you Yognau(gh)ts, but to the Yogscast Wiki Staff Team, today specifically brings a monumental achievement for the wiki as a whole!

    March 5th 2016 marks the 5 year anniversary of the wiki's founding, with the wiki being originally founded on March 5th 2011! From all of us on the Staff Team, we want to thank any of you who have any sort of involvement in the wiki over the last 5 years, whether it be through contributing to the wiki itself, following us on social media or even for just simply using the wiki to increase your Yogscast knowledge! In turn, you've allowed us to grow into not only the biggest database of information on the Yogscast family currently, but also into one of the largest Yog…

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  • Noreplyz

    YogsStreams everywhere!

    January 16, 2016 by Noreplyz

    Yo guys!

    In case you're unaware but follow Yogscast Wiki blogs (who doesn't?!), the Yogscast have planned to have a roughly correct timetable for future streams. Streams will be on - feel free to join in the fun!

    Day Time (GMT) Streamer Occurrence EST PST AEST (next day)
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  • ZakaSonza

    In my efforts to get highest-quality images possible for pages on this wiki, I discovered a way to download the thumbnail for any YouTube video, in the highest resolution possible.

    YouTubers will usually upload an image with their videos that is used as the thumbnail for that video. They are only seen when the video is shown in a list however, and this image doesn't appear in the video itself (unless the uploader has not added a thumbnail, in which case a thumbnail is created from a frame of the video).

    The problem with these images is that because they are designed to load quickly, YouTube makes them quite small and therefore rather low-quality. However there is a way to obtain the file in its original quality, just follow these simple steps! …

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  • JessicaFin23


    November 26, 2015 by JessicaFin23

    Each member of the Yogscast has a musical instrument that is featured in each background song that they are in. 

    • Lewis - Piano
    • Simon - Tuba
    • Sijin - 
    • Duncan - 
    • Sips - 
    • Hannah - Violin
    • Martyn - Guitar (Acoustic)
    • Kim - Oriental-sounding flute
    • Rythian - Synth-drum with accompanying bass
    • Nilesy - Saxophone
    • Bebop - Synthesizer
    • Zoey - 
    • Toby - Guitar (Electric Bass)
    • More ideas? Write them in the comments below!
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  • YognaughtLalna

    Hi, I'm another Lalna

    November 22, 2015 by YognaughtLalna

    A quick bit about me.

    I became a Yognaught after finding the YoGPoD pretty early on. I heard the name Lalna mentioned in a couple of them and on their youtube videos. So I stalked their guild and made a gnome mage called Lalna. So I had Lalna before Duncan made a Youtube channel. My mage Lalna started on US Uldum, then moved to Jubei-thos, then Khaz-gorath and is now finally on Caelestrasz. At the start of Warlords of Draenor I got into raiding and started posting videos for my guild so there's been some confusion about my identity. The following Lalna's are me and not Duncan Jones: 

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  • Noreplyz

    Hannah's Advent - details!

    November 2, 2015 by Noreplyz

    As Christmas Livestreams are in just under a month, Hannah's preparing for her Advent again! To help smooth things out, here are the details!

    Click here for the vlog. It covers everything here.

    The following are key details from Hannah:

    Hannah’s Advent
    PO Box 3125
    BS2 2DG

    • UK: Use Royal Mail ONLY. Do not send before mid-late November.
    • EU: Leave it until mid-late November. Tracking info is useful.
    • US & international: Send from early November onwards. Try to get tracking information etc. Wait until at least January before asking whether yours arrived.

    • Put your return address both on the outside and the inside. If you can, write your address on a sticky label so that Hannah doesn't need to copy out the address!
    • If you want it opened by someone in particul…

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  • Gamerboy555


    October 18, 2015 by Gamerboy555


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  • TheFightingFanboy

    Well this sin't going to be much. But if you're on, im on there and you can always talk to me. Same username.

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  • JessicaFin23

    Yogscast Rap: Martyn

    September 24, 2015 by JessicaFin23

    All right, next up is Martyn.


    Rap #3: Martyn Littlewood!




    You know who I am

    Who's comin' at ya!

    I'm Martyn Littlewood, 

    Nature Ninja!

    In the Yogscast

    I'm the team's speed fighter

    In case you can tell

    I'm an expert at nature

    I'm cheerful, loyal, and friendly

    I'm the one with the most energy

    When it comes to these things

    I guess I'm sort of a freak

    But I don't mind it

    When dirt gets into my sneaks

    As a ninja, I never lose my grip

    When the time's right, I jump up and kick!

    Whenever I run into a total hack

    The best thing I do is pull a Dash Attack!

    When I do my spin-kickin' Gut Buster

    You'll see how I kick the guts out of 'er!

    I might be able to make your eyes gleam

    When you see me blast a Ninja Beam!

    I always kick my enemy's butt

    And whack h…

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  • JessicaFin23

    Yogscast Rap: Hannah

    September 23, 2015 by JessicaFin23

    Okay, next up is Hannah. 


    Rap #2: Hannah Rutherford!





    Hoo is this? 

    Of course you've heard

    I'm the Master of Animals, Hannah Rutherford!

    I love all animals

    Including owls and cats

    You can tell that 'cause of my cool owl hat!

    What makes my adventures more excitin'

    Is when those adventures are story-driven

    Everybody knows that in the YogsWorld

    I'm quite the adventurous girl

    Whenever I see Lewis arguing with Simon

    I come in and try to prevent them from fightin'

    I don't mean to get this into your face

    But sometimes I just break the base

    Although my animals are sweet as honey

    Sometimes none of us are a happy bunny

    To me, nothing's really as bland

    Whenever I visit Cat Island

    Whenever I've got the chance

    I sometimes do the Hannah Time dance! …

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  • JessicaFin23

    All right, here we go, it's time for The Yogscast Rap series to begin!

    We'll start with the Main 2:Lewis and Simon


    Rap #1: Lewis And Simon!





    How's it goin', bro? We are Lewis

    And Simon, yo!

    I'm the leader of the Yogscast, the big boss! If it weren't for me, then that's our loss!

    I'm a handsome spaceman, always pickin' up the pace, man!

    I started the Yogscast, so what can I say, man? 

    Whenever one of my members bail, 

    It always leads to an epic fail! 

    Whenever Duncan and Sijin leave me on the brink

    Believe me, I need to get a freakin' drink!

    Hey, speaking of drinks, make sure you're not sick!

    Cause as a dwarf, I'm a total alcoholic!

    I'm Lewis's sidekick and I'm tough as a mole!

    I'm able to dig…

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  • JessicaFin23

    Even the Yogscast team has bragging rights. Coming soon is a series of rap songs based on what the Yogscast members might brag about. 

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  • Dragonofelder

    Chicken Joke

    September 12, 2015 by Dragonofelder

    Guys I just realised something nuts. You know the old chicken joke? Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. It seems like the only use of this joke is to base other jokes on it. But I realised something. The other side. The other side, as in, beyond death. WTF. Has no one ever got that? The chicken is getting it self killed, so it can go to the other side. Geez.

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  • Dragonofelder

    Yogscast Library

    September 3, 2015 by Dragonofelder

    Behold the Yogscast Library. It’s shelves stretch for what seems an infinity. Inside the books, known as “Pages,” the total fan-based knowledge of the Yogscast. Each Page is sorted in a complex system of categories. It can be easy to get lost within the shelves, but the clever searcher will always be able to escape to the front of the Library, or the “Front Page.

    Pages can be either small or big, but they contain the knowledge of a single subject. They may contain graphs or illustrations, and mostly follow similar patterns. Users in any level can affect the writing in a Page, adding or removing. Some Pages, however, contain important information so they are locked by Admins, stopping Lower Level Users from editing them.

    When you are searchin…

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  • Dragonofelder

    Hey eveyone. If you don't know, Mojang are doing a free test for Realms right now, and I managed to snag one! I've only got 13 days, so I've decided to turn it into a Wiki minigame server! Just post your Minecraft name in the comments section below and I can invite you!

    Names of what Minigames I can set the server to:

    • Pizzaspleef
    • Bloxorz
    • Diamond Defender
    • Knockback Madness
    • Missile Wars
    • Color Cube
    • TNT Run
    • Solitaire
    • Splatter
    • Sharks Vs Steve
    • Point Runner
    • Zomberman
    • Build-off Parkour
    • Labyrinth
    • Bubble Shooter
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  • Gavalar

    Greetings Yogscast Wikians!

    It came to my attention recently that the Yogscast Network is in complete disarray. The Yogscast YouTube Network is comprised of 27 channels. I don't actively watch all these channels, I don't think any sane person can, but yesterday when I went and browsed through them all I was shocked to find 8 channels that have not uploaded in the last month. In some cases they have not uploaded for much longer than a month. It begs the question: What happended to the Yogscast of old, where every channel uploaded daily and were growing in size and views. I will now go over each of the channels individually to show the problems.

    The channel Conquest! was set up by the Yogscast almost a year ago and always seemed bizarre, The c…

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  • Shufflertoxin

    1) Download the ATLaucnher from here. Install and open the application.

    2) You should be presented with a screen similar to this:

    3) Now click on "Accounts" on the right hand side of the application. Now add you account by entering your Email, Password and clicking 'Add'.

    4) Now go to "Packs", and find Resonant Rise, then click on New Instance.

    5) Click Install.

    6) Now wait for this screen to show and click on Project Flux on the right hand side and then Install, located on the bottom of the page.

    7) Now wait for the files to be downloaded. This will take some time, so go grab a drink and wait... and wait... and wait... Well you get the gist.

    8) Once finsihed, go to the Instances tab on the right hand side of the screen and click 'Play' next to …

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  • Elfdemon101


    June 20, 2015 by Elfdemon101

    I am sorry to say so, but I'm retiring from the wiki. I have not been able to find time to edit, revert vandalism, or work on the restructure. As time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult for me to come onto here and edit. I have been becoming more and more busy. This also affects how much I watch the Yogscast. I have not been able to watch as many videos as I used to, which hinders my ability to properly edit some things.

    I will still come on here one or two times a month to check up on how things are going. This wiki, and the people on here, have become a part of my life, no matter how big or small, and it is disappointing leaving here after all of the work I've done. Good luck to you all, and I hope things only go up from here for…

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    Money in the Bank: That PPV where I always confuse its theme with Shane McMahon’s before I remember that he left Wrestling to go run a company in China or something along those lines. With the PPV being only two days away and the full match list finally being unveiled, I though I’d give predicting the outcomes to each matches a go, as someone who only watches the Network (since without Sky, you literally can’t watch Raw or Smackdown in full in the UK legally) and who’s only recently got back into wrestling just after Wrestlemania 31 from a 6 year break, thanks to the god awful Lawler vs Cole feud. So, let’s begin shall we:

    You can read my full predictions of the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV here!

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    DOTA and League of Legends: You may recognise these games as the most popular games in the MOBA genre currently but also as some of the games with some of the worst multiplayer communities in video gaming history. You may also recognise these games (and their genre in general) for also being some of the most difficult games to both learn and master in very long time, even competing with games like StarCraft in their difficulty. But recently, there’s been a new addition to this genre that has taken away many of the features that would confuse new players and made a far simpler version of the genre in general: So much so that the game isn’t even regarded by most of its community as a MOBA, instead as a ‘Hero Brawler’ a genre which, as far as…

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    Recently a video gaming journalist, critic and YouTuber whom I have a great amount of respect for, Jim Sterling, was hit with a DMCA claim on one of his videos of a series called ‘Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers’ in which Sterling takes a look at and comments on a trailer for a video game which is currently attempting to earn its place on the PC video game distribution platform, Steam’s store. The video in particular was focusing on the game ‘Skate Man’, a Vietnamese-made game where there are dogs on skateboards. You might notice that I’ve provided a significant lack of detail about the game…that’s due to the fact that a few hours after the developer of Skate Man DMCA-claimed Sterling’s video; he removed the game from Steam Greenlight, S…

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    YouTube. The world’s longest running video sharing and streaming service which is visited by millions of people daily. The site provides a wide spectrum of varying content such as with people such as the #1 most subscribed person on YouTube, PewDiePie with over 35.5 subscribers and over 8 billion overall video views, TotalBiscuit with just over 2 million subscribers and over 600 million video views and The Yogscast, with a combined total of over 20 million subscribers and 5 billion video views across their network of 27 YouTube channels. Vlogging is also another category of content which is wide-spread in popularity across YouTube; Youtubers such as Hannah Hart, with over 1.8 million subscribers and over 148 million total video views, Emma…

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  • Soldier Elite

    The Maps feature of Wikia did not really have any areas where it could be applied on the Wiki, but I did manage to find one area where it could be used. So here it is, after experimenting for an hour over the feature, I have made an interactive map of Minecraftia. Enjoy!

    If you can think of some other place where an interactive map could be used, be sure to suggest it.

    On another note, I also made some modifications to the main page, hope you like it.

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  • Soldier Elite

    With achievements, most users celebrate when they have passed a certain threshold of edits. But here, I am content to announce that I have passed 1000 days of consecutively being active since making an account. This was an incredible journey.

    1000 days is approximately equivalent to:

    • 2 years, 8 months, 26.7 days
    • 2.74 years
    • 32.88 calendar months
    • 33.33 30 day months
    • 33.86 lunar cycles
    • 71.43 fortnights
    • 142.86 weeks
    • 142 weeks, 6 days
    • 24000 hours
    • 1440000 minutes
    • 86400000 seconds

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    NOTE: From now on, I'm just going to be posting the introductory paragraphs of my articles with a link leading to the article in full on my blog site, User Interface! If your interested in my opinions on technology and video game products and my views on that type of news, then head over to my blog here:

    Back in September 2013, Rockstar North released the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Grand Theft Auto V (5) and was an astounding success, making over $1 billion dollars in 3 days alone, making it the fastest selling video game of all time and outselling the entire music industry’s monthly revenue of that September. Later, in June of 2014, it was announced…

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  • Gavalar

    I recently found thisvideo online. It is another tour by a news company similar to the BBC tour several years ago. What is most interesting about this tour is what can be seen from 2:00. A large space never previously seen in any Youtube video (too my knowledge). The space is filled with editors, artists and also all the awards and fan items from the old common room before Hat Films moved in. Further, Turps says "This is actually where the magic happens, downstairs" - in reference to the corridor of offices we are used to seeing. This is clear evidence of what was rumoured, Yogtowers definitely has expanded to other floors. 

    Other examples of the Yogtowers expansion can be seen in the Christmas Vlogs (I haven't got a link, there on the main…

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  • Takautanuva

    The druidz pages episode guide is out of date.

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  • ShadowAuraInnes


    This past year, I’ve been following a YouTube Let’s Play series of Xenoblade Chronicles, by Chuggaaconroy and man, did it look excellent then. The only problem was that the game was only in Europe and the US in a very limited supply and due to this, the cheapest you can currently find the Wii version of the game is around £60, which is more than what the game originally cost. However, back in August, Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles would be ported to the New Nintendo 3DS exclusively. Let’s just say I was jumping about like I was on a sugar rush with excitement for about 2 minutes after that announcement.

    The game follows the story of Shulk, the party’s ‘glass c…

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  • Soldier Elite

    Finally, after 3 years of blood, destruction and turmoil (in which Daisy's fate is still unknown), it has arrived! Oh, praise Notch, praise Herobrine and praise the Yogscast for bringing it back.

    I cannot believe this day has finally arrived. We can finally follow in the heroes' footsteps as they continue on their journey! After what seems like an eternity, it has finally arrived. I won't spend any more time talking, lets just roar in excitement and enjoy the return of Shadow of Israphel!

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    One of my earliest and fondest memories of the last twelve years of my video gaming history was booting up my special edition Gameboy Advance SP for the first time and playing Pokémon Emerald on it back in 2004. At the time, the triumphs and struggles I faced in that game were unparalleled to any other I had ever played: From defeating the diverse leaders of the game's enemy teams, Team Magma and Aqua, Maxie and Archie to facing off against Glacia, the third Elite Four member and Ice type Pokémon user with five members of my extremely under-levelled team and a very over-powered level 70 Rayquaza. Those of you with some amount of knowledge regarding Pokémon type match-ups (specifically Ice vs Dragon types), you know how well that went down.…

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    Some of you will have heard of the recent, tragic news that EA has decided to close the main office of Maxis, the creators of the Sims series, the first game of said series remains to be one of the best-selling games of all time for the PC, and the SimCity series of games. After the major disappointment that was the 2013 version of SimCity, which was weighed down with it’s always online DRM, causing players to have to be online at all times during the playing of the game, which caused many people to be unable to play the game due to the servers quite literally dying for the first week of the game’s release. An offline mode for the game was, at the time of the its release, touted as “impossible” by Maxis, only to be added in a year later be…

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  • ShadowAuraInnes

    Note: I'm going to start publishing an articles I write here just so I'm contributing at least, something to the wiki over my two month hiatus other than adding the guest for each episode on the Co-Optional Podcast page.

    Ahh, Nintendo...

    The video gaming company that has brought us some of the most recognisable and industry-pushing games and series of said games in all of video gaming history. From the simple, but addictive platforming series, Super Mario Brothers to the vast and open world of action-adventure series, The Legend of Zelda. From the ever-evolving world of Role-playing series, Pokémon to the quiet and peaceful world where humans coincide with talking, civilized animals, Animal Crossing. Whether you're a gamer or not, there's a…

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  • Prof Grimm

    Recently I have noticed a definite increase in Shadow of Israphel references, whether they may seem unintentional (the "Hi" in the Blast Off! series and saying someone may of gotten on the server) or intentional (Mom Bongo and Fantome LeChuck on Lucky Block Challenge). We have seen this in the past, and we have made our assumptions, but it seems that the most recent ones may seem to be more, well, obvious. By directly making references to Um_Bongo, Madame_Nubescu, and Spacker_LeChuck (The Fantome LeChuck may also have been a reference to Monkey Island, but the way that Sjin automatically associated him with Spacker says something) it seems that we hay see something soon, despite how long it has been.

    Stay on the lookout, fellow Yognaughts!

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  • MysticNerd

    As you must know, minecraft is an important part of the yogscast. They have had several minecraft series, and we have a page called "the History of Minecraftia". If you watch(ed) the Shadow of Israpheal or Yoglabs, then you may have heard that they are connected. They are in fact connected, and I want people to accept this. People must also help me to edit the arts of that page that I don't know. 

    Here is the timeline:

    • Sjin , duncan, rythian, and friends create a tekkit server. SMRT is created. 
    • SMRT goes at war with duncan, dstroying the whole world
    • A world is reacreated and Hannah and Nilesy, Sip and SJin, Duncan, Lewis and Simon, Zoey and Rythian, and probably more join to make Owl Island, Sipsco., Duncans Lab, Jaffa Inc., Blackrock, and pr…
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  • Team 6543

    I have found these very addicting to chase down, like achievements in a video game... Interesting.

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  • JonathanTennysion

    Is it just me, or does Sjin look a lot like Tsar Nicholas II of Russia? I just saw a political cartoon from the 1890s that reminded me of Sjin so much that I had to point it out! Sjin could be a descendent of this guy! :O

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  • Nixeu

    I'm Back (Maybe)

    February 15, 2015 by Nixeu

    Okay. So. I've been infrequently on for the past 2 or so years. There's quite a few reasons for that. Partially, I started feeling kinda useless. My main area-of-focus, SoI, hasn't had new content in absolute ages. My other skill, namely, spelling or grammatical work, was something we had in excess. We had so many new users becoming active, I couldn't maintain my habit of checking every edit, especially given that the Yogscast itself was expanding rapidly at the time, and I couldn't keep up with every series. Also, I tend to go through periods of extreme focus on one thing, but eventually my attention kinda wanders. I was watching less Yogscast than before, and, with the influx of new users, I started to feel out-of-touch. I also knew I wa…

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  • GhostofStars

    Yogscast Poll 2

    February 6, 2015 by GhostofStars

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  • GhostofStars

    Yogscast Poll

    February 5, 2015 by GhostofStars

    Click Here:

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  • GhostofStars

    You know what I noticed? The entire Yogscast comment section people are the most childish, the most annoying comments ever now these days. And it's the same haters, it's the same trolls, that have to do it in every video. They just have to get it out, they get out hate. Then they feel proud of themselves. FOR What? They just have bullied, and made someone feel wrong. All people want now is for people to leave the Yogscast. I feel that every Yogscast member should be appreciated, even if you don't like them. You may not like Kim, but other people do. You may not like Martyn, but other people do. I love everyone in the Yogscast. Everybody has someone to like. You don't have to write bad things, because other people love the Yogscast, some ma…

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  • GhostofStars

    Does anybody know any Yogscast - Related Usernames? Like things that have any reference from the yogscast.

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  • GhostofStars

    Could be anyone who works behind the scenes. Including Sparkles*! I would mainly choose Teutron. He always interups recordings of Yogtowers. 


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  • Totally Israphel


    December 22, 2014 by Totally Israphel

    IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!! Not that I care. Really. However I am really loving those new songs just singing all day!

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  • GhostofStars

    favorite Member of The Yogscast?

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  • Rhosmarixx


    December 17, 2014 by Rhosmarixx


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  • Dbl Leo

    Dearest Yogcast-ians

    December 16, 2014 by Dbl Leo

    As a newcomer to the Yogscast world, I am tickled pink to be here!  

    I discovered your Youtube vids while looking for some tips playing Diveristy 2 and boy did your vids come in handy.  You all are A+++

    So while browsing some of your other videos I came across some Race for the Wool vids and I can't help but wonder..."where does one find a server that offers RTFW?"  

    I've been searching for days to find a place to play RTFW and I can't seem to find anything.  Can someone help a brother out?  

    Please and thanks!

    Dbl_Leo (Andrew)

    • Gay American* 
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  • Soldier Elite

    If any haters towards Kim are reading this, I “encourage” you to leave a comment below saying why you don't like Kim; I’d love to have a read from another point of view.

    In recent weeks I have discovered that watching the Yogscast is no longer as fun and interesting as it used to be. Not because the quality of the videos have gone down. They still upload amazing videos with quality commentary. In general, the Yogscast's style of video making has not changed by a large degree.

    No! That is not the reason. The reason is that some of the remarks in the comments section simply puts everything I've watched out of the window.

    What do some Yognau(gh)ts do? They do not appreciate what others feel like when they criticise and rage at them. I have to sa…

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