The Blue Spaceman is a character played by Sips in his and Sjin's Spacemen Series.


Blue is a human Spaceman who accidentally got sucked into space after opening a window on a spaceship. Afterwords he met a Orange Spaceman who also got sucked into space. They soon get pulled to a planet's surface and Blue calls for help, which will not arrive for a couple of days, much to his disappointment. Later, a spaceship lands on the planet. A Purple Spaceman steps off saying he will rescue them in exchange for something. Orange offers Blue to give Purple Space Love in exchange for a ride. Blue accepts, to which Orange pulls out a camera. Purple then pulls off his helmet, forgetting that there is no air in space, resulting in his head exploding; knocking his ship into space and leaving his helmet and a crate of supplies.

Blue soon decides to fake discovering the planet that he and Orange are stranded on. After convincing Orange to film it, they proceeded to take the video, but were unable to name it due to Orange interrupting Blue mid-sentence. After talking with Orange for a while Blue learns that Orange is an alien who hates and kills humans. Orange takes off his helmet to reveal his face and then asks why Blue will not. Blue manages to convince him that he has a disorder that forces him to keep his helmet on at all times, and gets rid of him by saying he saw a human. Orange leaves, saying he will make the human eat its own face. When Orange leaves he calls for help again saying that if they find him without a face it's their fault.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The Blue Spaceman never took off his helmet originally due to fear of Orange or he would be stopped before he could, but his face was revealed in the Ninjas series where it is shown he has black hair and is human.
  • InVoltz Episode 9, Sips and Sjin describe the functionality of their spacesuits to Ridgedog, saying that there are 'a couple of zips' that turn the suit into a ballroom gown, and that inside out the suit is a tuxedo. It's also waterproof.
  • His ancestor is the Burrito Bushido.

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