Boddypen is a reference made by Sips, presumably from their days in the YOGS, which Simon found particularly funny.

The reference was brought up in Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb, where Sjin and Sips detonated a large-scale red matter explosive and effectively created a black hole. When asked whose fault the explosion was, Sips blamed it on "Boddypen". In the next episode, Voltz Episode 13: The Treaty, Simon finalises the treaty by naming the book: "In Boddypen".

The reference was again made in Jaffa Factory 102 - Corgis & Shetland Ponies, where Simon suggested to blame "Boddypen" for trees that looked to be mixed together.

It was also made again in YogsQuest 2 - Episode 1 - A New Rim , when Lewis asks Duncan to give a reminder of the 'scrapes' he has been in and Simon mentions 'Boddypen'.

In YogiverseEdit

It seems that the name "Boddypen" draws reference back to late-2010, judging by this World of Warcraft forum thread, where other members from the guild Ye Olde Goone Squade are also mentioned. Sjin also confirmed that Boddypen is a Gnome Warrior in World of Warcraft on The Venture Co Server.[1]

Rythian also explained who Boddypen is, after clearing up confusion about a troll post from Sjin:[2] "...Boddypen is a dude from old old YOGS, back in the vanilla days. He was just a kind of weird guy, and right now it's mostly become a standard thing for me, Sips, Sjin and Simon to mention him when people (us included) are going on about things that happened a long time ago. "Hey, remember Boddypen?" is hilarious to all of us, for no reason whatsoever."


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