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Booty Bandits is Strippin and CinnamonToastKen's series on the Yogscast Complete server. On this series, Strippin and Ken travel across the server to pillage the booty from various enemy pirates and adventurers. At their base, they currently have a ship, a Tinkers Construct forge, and various other items and treasures that they have taken from wandering ships and dungeons.

Episode GuideEdit

Strippin — Booty Bandits
Video Name Table yt
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #1 - Land Ahoy! Watch
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #3 - Dig for treasure! Watch
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #5 - Revenge of the Merfolk Watch
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #7 - The Booty Cave! Watch
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #9 - PIRATE WARS Watch
Minecraft - Booty Bandits #10 - SUNKEN TEMPLE Watch
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