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Brink is a first person shooter, consisting of class based gameplay, developed by Splash Damage for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 systems. In Brink there are two factions - "The Resistance" and "The Security" - which are battling on a now-dystopian city called The Ark, floating in the atmosphere of a flooded, apocalyptic Earth.


Brink takes place in the near future during the mid-21st century on a man-made floating island called the Ark. It was established as an environmentally and economically self-sustainable island, a contemporary model for green, sustainable living. However, global warming caused a dramatic rise in sea levels around the world. Decades later, the Ark became a place for refugees all around the world as they viewed the innovative island as the only suitable place to live. The Ark is now home to tens of thousands more people than it was originally meant to sustain, and its supposedly renewable resources are being pushed to the limit. Now, the Ark exists in total isolation and has lost contact with the outside world. Many refugees live in tight spaces made from rusty shipping containers and live in poverty. Those who work for the Ark Security get an extra water ration. Now, a war has begun between the Resistance and Ark Security.


Simon and Lewis played Brink in a one-off video, simply entitled Brink, throughout the video they showed a number of gameplay scenarios, all-the-while they reviewed it. Overall, Lewis and Simon were unimpressed with the game, as they thought that it lacked in many gameplay areas.




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