Broken Quest, is a comedy show based on MMOs made by Polaris.


It was first mentioned during the Broken Quest livestream that the Yogscast were going to be guests on the show. At the time, it was unknown who or what character they would play as. Later in the series, Yognau(gh)ts found out that Simon and Lewis both voiced a double-headed dragon named Thunder Flame.

Episode GuideEdit

Polaris — Broken Quest
Video Name Table yt
"YOU ARE IN A TAVERN" - Broken Quest - Ep. 1 - Polaris Watch
"QUEST OF FETCHING" - Broken Quest - Ep. 2 - Polaris Watch
"MIRROR MIRROR" - Broken Quest - Ep. 3 - Polaris Watch
"THE PLEASANT DEAD" - Broken Quest - Ep. 4 - Polaris Watch
"BOG OF EMOTIONAL ISSUES" - Broken Quest Ep. 5 - Polaris Watch
"MAZE OF IMPOSSIBLE EASINESS" - Broken Quest Ep. 6 - Polaris Watch
"THE ADVENTURE MASTER" - Broken Quest Ep. 7 - Polaris Watch
"THE UNSOLVABLE RIDDLE" - Broken Quest Ep. 8 - Polaris Watch
"WALL OF HEROES" - Broken Quest Ep. 9 - Polaris Watch
"TOMB OF TRAVESTY" - Broken Quest Ep. 10 - Polaris Watch
"SKELETON KING" - Broken Quest Ep. 11 - Polaris Watch
"THE DOUBLE DRAGON" - Broken Quest Ep. 12 - Polaris Watch
"YE OLDE SEASON FINALE" - Broken Quest Ep. 13 - Polaris Watch


  • The idea for the show was made a year or two ago when Husky, Dodger, and Rosanna were all living together in one house.

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