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Bryce de Herle
Bryce de Herle






Lumberjack, Soldier, Farmer, Miner

First Appearance

Towns - Part 1 - The Founding of Sipsville

Last Appearance

Towns - Part 22 - The Great Siege of Sipsville

Weapon of choice


Current status


Bryce De Herle was one of the original citizens of Sipsville in Sips' Towns Let's Play (Season one).

Bryce was one of the original townsfolk in Sipsville and is one of the oldest surviving member, he is described as a loose cannon but is too useful for Sipsville. He is a satanist who loves the occult and the Devil.

Bryce was, for a long time, considered the mayor/leader of Sipsville, until Sadon "the Bastard" arrived in town. Before long, Sadon had usurped the title of leader of Sipsville by creating the Sipsville Milita, the fighting force of Sipsville which defended the townsfolk from the ghosts that inhabited the graveyard near the bottom-left corner of the map. Sadon became town sheriff and lead Sipsville with an iron fist.

Luckily for Bryce, Sadon met an untimely end whilst fighting a ghost, however, before Bryce could become mayor again, another towns member, Juliana, took over as sheriff. This led to Bryce secretly hating her. Ironically, both Bryce and Juliana (as well as Anne) died in the midst of battle during "the Great Siege of Sipsville"; Bryce was concussed, accidentally, by Juliana and Demetrius (Geordi) decapitated him, again, by accident because he's blind.

Bryce's body was never discovered, which has lead to many conspiracies, one of the most popular is that he's not actually dead, instead he is lurking in the forests surrounding Sipsville, waiting for the right time to usurp his rightful place as King of Sipsville. In his free time, Bryce enjoyed playing on his Nintendo hand-held console, this was one of the privileges granted to Bryce, by Sips, along with the very first bedroom which was located underground (all the other citizens had to bunk together on the floor for a long while).


Bryce has medium length black hair, a scruffy black beard and big black eyebrows.

He wears a long white shirt, however this is rarely seen once he gets his suit of bone armour.


  • Bryce is a satanist as he loves the Occult and the Devil.
  • He was killed by Demetrius.
  • He owned the very first bedroom in Sipsville.
  • His beard is the only thing that makes him cooler than Sadon.



The first settlers of Sipsville. Bryce is the second from the right.


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