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Byzantium is a playable civilization in the Gods & Kings expansion pack for Civilization V.

Season 3Edit

Lewis chose Byzantium as a civilization in their third go at playing Civilization V. He founded the city of Constantinople and eventually renamed it to New Rome. Lewis went for a dragon-theme when naming the rest of his cities, naming after famous locations related to dragons.

Lewis became the first civ to actually leave the continent they were on, settling in the small islands in the north. While everyone was either dealing with barbarians or squabbling over border control, Byzantium led the way in technological progression, becoming a military powerhouse once again, just like Poland in season 2.

When Sjin and Duncan used their civilizations to declare a poorly thought out war, Lewis easily held them back along his borders. Eventually, Lewis and Sips convinced Rythian to betray his compatriots and side with Lewis and Sips in this world war. After this massive conflict, Byzantium rose above the rest in a triumphant light.


  • New Rome (capital, holy city, formerly Constantinople)
  • Volantis (formerly Adrianople)
  • Dragon's Nest (formerly Nicaea)
  • Frozen Throne (formerly Antioch)
  • Borean Tundra (formerly Varna)
  • Asda (formerly Incan city)
  • Urbutte (formerly Incan city)
  • Coal Train (formerly Incan city)
  • Coastal Heaven (formerly Dutch city)
  • Polder City (formerly Clam Chowder, formerly Dutch city)

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