Camelot, not to be confused with New Camelot (Duncan and Kim's base), is Sips and Sjin's underground mining outpost beneath Mootopia, created in Season One of their Minecraft series. It has an office block that is used by SipsCo. for their phone service.


Camelot was created and named in Episode 9 of Sips and Sjin's Hardcore Minecraft series, and was used primarily as fort and outpost for some time, but then Sips and Sjin started upgrading it, replacing the stone with stone brick, adding bedrooms, lava decorations, and even installing a Jacuzzi, until it became their de facto home. After The Beaver Mafia attacked and destroyed Deep Space Nine, Sips and Sjin moved their base of operations to the newly built Fort Crappington in Beaverdale, but still continued to use Camelot for it's original purpose, as well as the occasional reflective soak in the Jaccuzi.


Camelot was first used as a mining outpost for Sips and Sjin, and did not serve many other purposes until later on, when they started putting more work into it than they did Deep Space Nine. Aside from serving as their home for quite a while, it eventually ended up housing one of the first SipsCo. offices, as well as a Jaccuzi for when Sips and Sjin needed a soak. It later also housed a railway station, providing quick travel from Fort Crappington to Mootopia.

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