"We're safe down here. I mean, we're like millions of miles beneath the Earth right now."
(Sips describing Camp Hercules)

Camp Hercules is Sips and Sjin's second base on the Voltz server, created after their previous one was destroyed by Barry The Wormhole, Antimatter Explosives, and Rejuvenation Missiles. It is located just under the bottom of the sea.


After the disaster of various missiles and The Treaty of Dong Hill, Sips and Sjin decided to create a secret base far from everyone else. From there, they could gather any intelligence on the other parties, as well as hide any future mishaps that may seed from their

The entrance to Camp Hercules

dabblings in Voltz's power. They decided to follow a path left by Barry (the Red Matter explosion) when he fled to an unloaded chunk. This resembled a long, uneven tunnel loaded with ores that the duo harvested readily with their paxels. Eventually the tunnel came into contact with the ocean and was no longer possible to follow. Sips suggested they begin work on the new base, as he reasoned that nobody would suspect them there. Sjin expanded the area by removing the walls between it and an interconnecting abandoned mineshaft, then walled off

Another view of Camp Hercules' Interior

the homeward-facing side with Nether Brick to create an entrance. Sips set up a utilities area with a chest, crafting table and Enrichment Chamber. Sjin said that the base needed a name, and Sips first response was "Camp Hercules". Thus it was named.

Over the next two episodes, a number of additions were made—the wall of water on the seaward side was glassed over, named an aquarium and Sjin claimed that Sebastian from The Little Mermaid lived there, a tunnel was dug to the surface for easy access to "food and shit", although Sips said they were producing enough shit by themselves and a bedroom, bathroom, furnace and wooden flooring were added.

Soon, Ridgedog, "homeless' after meeting Barry, appeared and agreed to be their Voltz guide. He suggested they make a tunnel bore to do some mining, and after Sjin had built it, drove it straight through the bathroom. Ridgedog soon after upgraded Camp Hercules as well as replaced the Bathroom. Ridge also added a Fusion Reactor underneath the Camp. Ridge and the crew decided to build a gunpowder generator to make weapons with, but it ended up backfiring and blowing up a portion of their base, probably killing Sebastian but not destroying any important machines.