Candy Town is a colourful town built next to Sips and Sjin's Rainbow Fortress in Cheat Police. The cheerful appearance is deceptive though, since the town was built to house death row inmates and provide them with "liquid fun", in order to keep their spirits up before being taken away to the execution grounds. Sjin built Candy Town in Minecraft Let's Build - Candy Town.

Layout and DesignEdit

A rail track from the train station at the Rainbow Fortress leads to the entrance to Candy Town, which is marked by a clown head through which the trains pass. Rainbow trees surround the town, and the town itself is very vibrant, with colourful liquids flowing from the factories. The town has rows of housing for the factory workers.

On the hill behind the town is the multi-coloured Candy Town sign, and the rail track continues on towards the execution grounds.


  • There is a chili restaurant in Candy Town, though it is not branded as Chili Wowa's.


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