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The Dwarven main character - Honeydew

The Dwarves are a race of humanoids native to the land of Minecraftia. Their capital city is the great underground fortress of Stoneholm, a fortress visited by our heroes in Episode 31 of Season 3. Dwarves are short, bearded, and extraordinary singers. Dwarves take great pride in their beards, even saving an entire storage room just for their beard dyes. A dwarf's favourite hobby is usually to dig and never stop digging.


Main Article: Stoneholm

Stoneholm is the Dwarven capital of Minecraftia. It was the home of many dwarves, though they either became zombified, corrupted, or are in hiding. It is also the place where King Finbar was resurrected and tainted by Israphel. Dwarves had somehow discovered the science to mining the indestructible bedrock from the bottom of Minecraftia.

Evil honey

Cloned Dwarves: The Two Evil Honeydews

Cloned DwarvesEdit

Main Article: The Evil Honeydews

Two clones of Honeydew, seen in "Shadow of Israphel" Part 38: The Hand, had gotten loose and were hunted by Xephos and Honeydew. One was killed, the other escaped

Dwarves include (in order of appearance):Edit


  • Male dwarves have high-pitched voices before they enter manhood, and begin to grow larger beards.
  • Both female and male dwarves have beards, both of equal size.
  • Due to the 'rock in their blood', dwarves are immune to any plague. This "rock" is probably a reference to their incredibly strong immune systems.
  • The Dwarves of Stoneholm are currently the only known race to successfully mine bedrock.
  • Not all Dwarves seem to enjoy Honeydew's favorite song, Diggy Diggy Hole, since they banned the playing of it in Stoneholm.
  • During Pig Racing & Nyan Cat (Snapshot 12 w36a Part 2) it is revealed that Dwarves are exceptional Pig riders.
  • During the four part special "Legend of Verigan" it is revealed that dwarves tend to become trapped in gravel.
  • Also during "Legend of Verigan" it is revealed that there is, or was, a foundation dedicated to helping dwarves stuck in gravel.
  • Dwarves carry around a pair of spare legs, in case they ever lose or break their first pair. (Shadow of Israphel outtakes)
  • Dwarves are exceptional engineers, making complex machinery to mine through bedrock.
  • Dwarves carry around many iron pickaxes and axes, as seen when Kormag Darkforge died.
  • Although the 'rock in their blood' makes them immune to any plague, The Taint of Israphel can still get past their strong immune systems, as it is not simply a disease, but a corruption of your very being.


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