Chili Wowa's, formerly called Chili Wowa!, is a restaurant made by Sjin in Sjin's Farm. It mainly sells chilies with drinks. Sjin made one at his farm, on their SkyBlock in Duncan's series, Hardcore Skyblock, and at Hole Diggers Inc. Simon hated the idea and its chilies, and said he would burn it down when Sjin left. He grew to love the chilies. Sjin and Lewis killed Hat Films at Chili Wowas when they came to the farm to do "business".

ChiliWowa TowerEdit

Sjin built the ChiliWowa tower in his Feed The World 2 series. The tower consists of six floors and a roof level, and topped with a large bright chili. The tower is constructed from marble blocks, wood, stained glass (green and red) and stone bricks. Recently he added a Train station to it with a big Chilli Wowas Logo. In front, he has built an automated Carrot farm with Steves Cart.

Due to Feed The World 2 ending and the building being abandoned, the ChilliWowa Tower may make an appearance in another series.


  • The ChiliWowa mascot can be found here.


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