The Yogscast Christmas Livestreams, also known, as of 2014, as the Yogscast Jingle Jam or the YogJam, are a series of livestreams that are shown over the course of December and January each year with the intention to raise money for charity. The streams have occurred every December since 2011.

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2011: The Christmas livestreams first began in 2011, when Lewis, Simon, Duncan and Sips streamed a number of games, such as Anno 2070, OpenTTD and X-Com: UFO Defence. The aim of the 2011 Christmas Livestreams were to buy goats, which were then sent to third-world nations in Africa to support families and villages.

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2012: Rumours that the livestreams would be returning in Christmas 2012 had been circulating amongst the Yogscast community for months. In late November, it was revealed via Facebook and Twitter that the streams would be returning. On 1 December, Simon and Lewis put out an official announcement video on the BlueXephos channel confirming the 2012 livestream.

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2013: In Hannah's Christmas Announcement Vlog, she confirmed the Yogscast Christmas Livestreams would be returning in 2013 and an official announcement was posted on the main channel on December 1.

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2014: On Lewis' Vlog Updates! video, he stated that the livestreams would be returning in 2014. It has also been mentioned it would be returning this year various other times on other channels.


2015: The 2015 Christmas Livestreams were announced by Lewis during a vlog on the main channel. The first 13 days of the schedule were released on November 27, 2015. Warmup streams will be starting around 2pm GMT. Main streams will start at 5pm daily, with a change of host occurring at 8pm GMT, throughout December.

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2016: The 2016 Christmas Livestreams were officially announced on the subreddit. The first 2 weeks of the schedule were released on November 25, 2016. Morning streams will be starting around 11am GMT, warm up streams begin at 2pm. The main streams will start at 5pm and will last 6 hours.



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