The Christmas Livestreams first began in 2011, when Lewis, Simon, Duncan and Sips streamed a number of games, such as Anno 2070, OpenTTD and X-Com: UFO Defence. During this time, Sips became more popular and eventually began making his own videos on his channel YogscastSips. Within a month, Sips had amassed a total of 28,000 subscribers, much to Simon and Lewis' surprise. On the BlueXephos channel there was also a series of daily "calendar videos" to accompany the streams, all for the Christmas holidays. The aim of the 2011 Christmas Livestreams were to buy goats, which were then sent to third-world nations in Africa to support families and villages.

Over the course of the 2011 livestreams, a total of £63,780 ($99,139.63) was raised by 3,616 generous donators to Oxfam.

2011 Event Guide Edit

Date Event
Saturday 3rd OpenTTD with Lewis, Duncan & Sips
Sunday 4th Anno 2070 with Lewis, Duncan & Sips
Monday 5th Saints Row The Third with Hannah & Tinman
Tuesday 6th Serious Sam 3 with Simon, Lewis, Duncan & Sips
Wednesday 7th Worms Reloaded with Simon, Lewis, Duncan & Sips
Thursday 8th Trine 2 with TotalBiscuit
Friday 9th Call of Duty with Tinman
Saturday 10th DEFCON: Everybody Dies with Duncan, Sips & Daltos
Sunday 11th Demigod with Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Sips & Tinman
Monday 12th Dota 2 with Lewis, Sips, Rythian & Hannah
Tuesday 13th Star Wars: The Old Republic (Early Access) with Peva
Tuesday 13th Saints Row The Third
Wednesday 14th Star Wars: The Old Republic (Early Access) with Lewis & Sips
Thursday 15th Flatout 3 & other terrible games
Friday 16th Star Wars: The Old Republic (Early Access) with Peva
Friday 16th Cobalt with Simon, Lewis & Sips
Saturday 17th Insect Armageddon with Simon & Lewis
Sunday 18th X-COM: UFO Defense with Lewis
Monday 19th Hannah & Friends
Tuesday 20th Magicka with TotalBiscuit
Wednesday 21st Star Wars: The Old Republic with Simon, Lewis & Duncan
Thursday 22nd Terraria with The Creatures
Friday 23rd Minecraft with Jesse Cox
Tuesday 27th Dig-N-Rig with Lewis & Sips
Wednesday 28th Dungeons of Dredmor with Lewis & Tinman
Thursday 29th Lewis plays Random Games
Friday 30th Lord of the Rings: War in the North with Hannah & Duncan
Saturday 31st OpenTTD with Simon, Lewis, Sips & Rythian

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