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On Lewis's Vlog Updates! video, he stated that the livestreams would be returning in 2014. It has also been mentioned it would be returning this year various other times on other channels.

The games that were given away included Call of JuarezBridge ConstructorMagicka: Dungeons and Daemons DLC, Cities in Motion 2Ace of Spades: Battle BuilderFirefly RunnerThomas Was AloneMark of the NinjaSorcery!,Montas (Early Access), NiGHTS Into DreamsStronghold Crusader HDMiner Wars ArenaSwords and Soldiers HDAwesomenauts Honeydew and Demon Skolldir Skins, Strike Suit Infinity, a Magicka: Wizard Wars Yogscast Tippin' Unique Item, plus a 1 Month Subscription to OnLive PlayPack.

All proceeds went toward benefiting Fauna & Flora International, MSF/Doctors Without Borders, End Polio Now, SpecialEffect, and Oxfam. All have been chosen by Yogscast and represent a broad range of causes. Oxfam congratulated the Yogscast on their successful Christmas Livestreams during a Q&A session at EGX 2015 with a band performance of Diggy Diggy Hole.

Over the course of the 2014 Christmas Livestreams, a grand total of $930,985.29 was donated from 40,277 donators. The top donator was Facepunch Studios, donating $15,517.81. Altogether, a sum of over $1,104,882.09 was raised by donators and the Yogscast revenue.

2014 Event GuideEdit

Date Event Table yt
Monday 1st Simon & Lewis watch Jingle Cats for 6 hours Part 1 Part 2
Tuesday 2nd Drunken Farming with Duncan, Sjin and Lewis Full Stream
Wednesday 3rd Hannah, Kim and Simon - Wonderful Onesies Part 1 (Nilesy Takeover)
Thursday 4th Hat Films - A Wizard's Kiss Part 1 Part 2
Friday 5th Civ 5 Live Full Stream
Saturday 6th GMod, group TTT, and other fun games Part 1 Part 2
Part 3
Sunday 7th Sjin & Turps & Guests - Blizzard Stuff Full Stream
Monday 8th Lewis's Dad is coming, to town Full Stream
Tuesday 9th Turps and Friends Full Stream
Wednesday 10th Hannah, Kim and Simon - HaKiMon! Full Stream
Thursday 11th Turps’ Out-of-tune Karaoke Full Stream
Friday 12th Hat Films - A Fireside Hat Full Stream
Saturday 13th Simon & Lewis Adventure Book Prestream & Full Stream
Sunday 14th BebopVox and Ridgedog Part 1 Part 2
Part 3
Monday 15th Team Double Dragon best stream eu 2014 Full Stream
Tuesday 16th Sips & Turps Try Not To Starve Together Full Stream
Wednesday 17th Nilesy’s Very Protessional Stream Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Thursday 18th Martyn/Strippin/Sparkles Dreamiest Stream Part 1
Friday 19th Turps and Duncan Onlive Double Night Full Stream
Saturday 20th Civ 5 Live: Datlof Returns Full Stream
Sunday 21st Strippin & Ali-A in Smash Alley! Full Stream
Monday 22nd Minecraft with Kim and PlayStation Access Full Stream
Tuesday 23rd Lewis Fun Time! Full Stream
Wednesday 24th Ridgedog/BebopVox Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th Tekkit Series Re-Run (Episodes 1 to 117) Video's Playlist
Friday 26th Nilesy’s Even Protessionaller Stream with Guests (Christmas) Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Saturday 27th Ridgedog/BebopVox Part 1 Part 2
Part 3
Sunday 28th Rythian and Ravs: Sweden vs. Scotland - The Final Battle! Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Monday 29th Festive Fizone Fun With Fiona And Also Zoey I Guess But I Mostly Wanted The Alliteration Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Tuesday 30th MumboJumbo and Hermitcraft Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Wednesday 31st Athene on New Year's Eve w/ Nilesy Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4
Wednesday 31st EXTRA - Rythian, Zylus, Zoey and Nilesy on New Year's Eve Full Stream

Daily Donation CountEdit

Date Total Donations Change in Total Donations
Monday 1st $115,096.00 $115,096.00
Tuesday 2nd $153,019.00 $37,923.00
Wednesday 3rd $233,505.00 $80,486.00
Thursday 4th $271,917.00 $38,412.00
Friday 5th $302,432.00 $30,515.00
Saturday 6th $339,323.00 $36,891.00
Sunday 7th $388,945.00 $49,622.00
Monday 8th $406,508.00 $17,563.00
Tuesday 9th $433,327.00 $26,819.00
Wednesday 10th $481,301.00 $47,974.00
Thursday 11th $512,526.00 $31,225.00
Friday 12th $538,245.00 $25,719.00
Saturday 13th $562,407.00 $24,162.00
Sunday 14th $566,771.00 $4,364.00
Monday 15th $602,604.00 $35,833.00
Tuesday 16th $631,776.00 $29,172.00
Wednesday 17th $664,021.00 $32,245.00
Thursday 18th $687,500.00 $23,479.00
Friday 19th $705,829.00 $18,329.00
Saturday 20th $716,262.00 $10,433.00
Sunday 21st $721,969.00 $5,707.00
Monday 22nd $731,930.00 $9,961.00
Tuesday 23rd $764,618.00 $32,688.00
Wednesday 24th $771,170.00 $6,552.00
Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th $777,213.00 $6,043.00
Friday 26th $801,913.00 $24,700.00
Saturday 27th $806,376.00 $4,463.00
Sunday 28th $815,050.00 $8,674.00
Monday 29th $872,796.00 $57,746.00
Tuesday 30th $884,724.00 $11,928.00
Wednesday 31st $927,109.00 $42,385.00

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